Yoga is a complete lifestyle

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As the nation gears up to celebrate the International Yoga Day, noted yoga expert Akshar Nath said, “Yoga is more than just a positive health tool, it is a complete lifestyle. Its approach to an individual’s health is all-encompassing. Yoga has henceforth created a new wave in people’s perspective towards everyday health ~ both physical and mental”.

Akshar is a renowned yoga teacher, who has given yoga training to many celebrities including wrestler sisters Geeta and Babita Phogat, actor Salman Khan, cricketer Sunil Gavaskar among others. On being asked how yoga is different from other generic exercises, Akshar said, “Yoga’s approach to health is holistic. It covers general fitness of the body, optimal functioning of internal organs, balances out the hormone levels and even keeps the brain healthy and the mind sound”. He also said, “It is rare for other routine exercises to incorporate meditation or ‘dhyaan’ into a workout. But in yogic practices, meditation is an essential part of the yogic health regimen”.

He went on to say that “Just as we keep changing and evolving the teaching methods in schools and colleges continuously, we similarly need to change the methods and techniques of teaching yoga so as to promote it on different platforms”. When asked which of his disciples had been transformed the most by yoga, Akshar said:

“The Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden and Babita Phogat’s personal yoga journeys have truly been magical.”

On how yoga could be promoted among the youths, Akshar emphasised on the incorporation of technology in the teaching methods of yoga. “When we feed an infant their medicine, we distract them with games and sweet words. Similarly, the goodness and positivity of yoga can only be transferred to the younger generation through means that interests them and triggers their curiosity the most,” he explained.

“With technology and information at their fingertips, the current generation is extremely intelligent and fully aware. Therefore, yoga must be taught to them through innovative means, which is fun, playful and social ~ all at the same time,” he added.

Regarding the trends and future of yoga, the celebrity yoga coach said, “The ultimate message of yoga remains the same. Only the practice, place and method of its teaching vary with time”.