WoW: War Council with Bolvar, Jaina and Thrall - what's next for Sylvanas?


The dungeon master reaches his next big goal at the end of patch 9.1. He absorbs the essence of the judge and opens a portal to the Tomb of the First. With the Seals of the Eternals, the gateway to the place where the last secrets of the Creators are hidden is now open to him. Our mission is clear: we must stop the Dungeon Master before the villain destroys the entire universe. But before the hunt for Zovaal begins, the heroes of Azeroth must decide Sylvanas' fate.

The Decision

After the battle for Oribos and the escape of the Jailer, Bolvar, Jaina, and Thrall discuss what to do about the Banshee Queen. We already knew that none of the three combatants would simply execute Sylvanas on the spot. Though the trio passed out for a short time at the end of the battle, Jaina caught Sylvanas saying something before the dungeon master and Anduin disappeared into the portal.

Thrall: We thought the jailer was coming to destroy the judge. But he ... absorbed her essence.
Bolvar: As if his power -- and the sigil -- had been his all along.
Jaina: Damn the jailer! He's got Anduin. Wherever he's disappeared to, we'll find him!
Thrall: Maybe she knows.
Jaina: Yes. Sylvanas said something before she collapsed, but I couldn't make it out.
Bolvar: My knights will lock her up here in Oribos. We will begin interrogating her as soon as she awakens.
Bolvar: For now, we should return to Korthia. Let us hope that the Primus can explain the jailer's plan to us ... and tell us what to do to stop him.

These are the main points from the conversation:

  • Bolvar, Jaina, and Thrall assume that Sylvanas knows something about the Tomb of the First and could lead them there. For those interested in learning more about the ominous tomb, check out this lore special on Tazavesh .
  • The trio has been unaware of Sylvanas' rebellion in the fight against the jailer. Only we know what Sylvanas said before she fainted. It remains unclear, however, if the Banshee meant the Tomb at the end. There are different translations. In the original video, Sylvanas expresses herself a bit more clearly. But it may be that she repeated almost the same words in shock as she once did when she first died in Quel'Thalas. In the German cutscene, she speaks of "...he must not reach her." By "her", Sylvanas could mean the tomb, or something else entirely (the World Soul of Azeroth, for example).
  • The three of them didn't get anything from the shard of Sylvanas' soul either. Good, since the Banshee is still unconscious, Bolvar, Jaina and Thrall can't even see her blue eyes that she got after completing her soul. How they react to the story of Sylvanas' shattered soul, I guess we'll find out later.
  • The Knights of the Black Blade detain the Banshee Queen in Oribos for the time being to interrogate her.

Will the Banshee Queen be court-martialed?

Regarding this point, we face a challenge similar to Uther's, who rashly condemned Arthas in anger and cast his soul into the Maw. The question about Sylvanas' fate and punishment is quite tricky. The leaders of both factions may have learned from the debacle with Garrosh Hellscream at the court martial at the end of Mists of Pandaria and are not committing the same mistakes in the case of Sylvanas. In the end, we are left with the decision of whether to seek revenge or judge their actions by new standards.

It doesn't have to come to a court martial, though. It is possible that Sylvanas will lead us to the Tomb of the First and then sacrifice herself to stop the Jailer. This would be her final triumph and redemption to overcome her trauma from the battle for Silvermoon and the Sunwell. Sylvanas' soul was originally destined for the Arden Forest. If the Banshee Queen did indeed prevent Zovaal's ascension, then the Eternals might give her a second chance. For the heroes, unable to forgive Sylvanas for her crimes, it would be a slap in the face. The anger would be understandable there. Still, the Eternals do not judge by the standards of mortals. So all paths are still open for Sylvanas in Shadowlands.

The developers have yet to reveal the final chapter of Patch 9.1's story campaign. In the last section "The Path Ahead" we will definitely learn where the path leads us in patch 9.2 and how it continues with Sylvanas in World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € )

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