WoW TBC Classic: The Brewfest has started - get your mounts and epics!


Update, September 20:
The Brewfest has started in WoW: Burning Crusade Classic! The event will run from September 20 to October 06! Where. At the gates of Ironforge (Alliance) or at the gates of Orgrimmar (Horde). There you will find quests related to the Brewfest.

  • Horde: Welcome to the Brewfest! / Alliance: Welcome to the Brewfest !
  • Horde: Honoring a Hero / Aliianz: Honoring a Hero
  • Horde: Get rid of that stuff / Alliance: Get rid of that stuff
  • Horde: This is Aries' race ... at least almost / Alliance: This is ram racing ... at least almost
  • (Dailys) Horde: Barker for Drohn Brewery! and Barker for T'chali's Voodoo Brewery! / Alliance: Barker for the Barley Brewery! and Barker for the Thunder Brewery!

The following quests beckon as follow-up quests after "This is Aries Race ... at least almost" the following quests await:

  • Horde: There and Back / Alliance: There and Back
  • Horde: Say, there wouldn't happen to be a souvenir this year? / Alliance: Say, there wouldn't happen to be a souvenir this year?

Also, don't forget that you can now challenge event boss Coren Gloomy Brew multiple times in Blackrock Depths. To do so, find a party, travel to the Blackrock Dungeon, and get taken directly to the boss. You can get the quest for Coren on the spot in the dungeon. Coren can drop the following items:

  • Great Braufestkodo
  • Fast brewing ram
  • Gloomy Brew Remote Control
  • Gloomy Brew Pulp
  • Plörrbräuglücksbringer
  • Light Brew Lucky Charm
  • Dark iron tobacco pipe
  • Empty gloom brew cup
  • Gloomy Brew Stopper
  • Coren's lucky coin

Also exciting: every half hour, a group of ruffians show up to wreak havoc on the festival grounds. If you stop them, you will receive a reward once per day.

Some of the Braufest activities will also earn you Braufest Tokens, which can be exchanged for items such as Braufest gear from an NPC outside your capital. More details can be found on the official WoW website.

Original post from September 15:
Remember our listing of the features that were introduced via patches over the course of WoW: Burning Crusade back in the day? Among the new content that was not available in vanilla WoW (and thus also in WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Classic) are two world events that were just introduced with patch 2.2.2: the Brewfest and the Mud Nights.

These two events are some of the most popular in WoW, and that's certainly due to the great loot you can earn. Let's just take the mounts for a moment:

  • Headless Horseman's Steed: Loot from Loot-filled Pumpkin during the Night of the Serpents.
  • Swift Brewfest Ram: from merchant Pol Bernruh (Alliance) in Dun Morogh or Driz Purzelfix (Horde) in Durotar during Brewfest.
  • BrewfestRam: From Trader Pol Bernruh (Alliance) in Dun Morogh or Driz Purzelfix (Horde) in Durotar during Brewfest.

In Shadowlands, all it takes is a glance at the calendar to tell us that Brewfest kicks off in a few days - September 20, to be exact. The party is supposed to run until October 06. The big question now is whether the brewfest in TBC Classic will start at the same time. There's no official announcement for this, just as there's no ingame calendar. Here are the details we know:

  • The recent Blizzard announcement only talks about the retail brewfest.
  • In the past, the Retail and Classic world events ran sometimes staggered.
  • The original Brewfest first ran from October 02 to October 16.
  • The Brewfest came with patch 2.2.2, after the opening of the Black Temple (Phase 3) and before the implementation of Zul'Aman (Phase 4).
  • On the PTR of TBC Classic there is no hint of the brewfest yet.
  • Youtuber Toyhouze is apparently certain that Brewfest is coming soon. Away from the retail date, however, he doesn't name a source.

Long story short: It currently seems rather unlikely that the brewfest will start in TBC Classic on September 20. However, we don't know for sure. As soon as Blizzard makes an announcement, we'll keep you posted!

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