WoW: Rate fellow players - why isn't that actually available?


Random groups work the same way in WoW as they do in most other MMOs. You are thrown into a group together, complete a dungeon, a match or a battle together, and then the majority never see each other again. The highest of feelings is a "Hey guys" at the beginning and a "Thanks for the group" at the end - if at all.

Nevertheless, some MMOs rely on the possibility to rate your fellow players at the end of such a round. Most of these are PvP MMOs, but the question still arises: would something like this make sense in WoW?

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Only praise, no blame

It should be said that most of these systems do not allow negative feedback. You can either praise your teammates in general or give them positive feedback - for example for good teamwork, leadership or helpfulness. Other games focus more on the playing ability of the persons and so you are allowed to mark them as "good player".

Declaring someone unfriendly or a bad player is impossible in most games for good reason. Because, as we all know, MMOs can get a little more toxic than we would like. The "unfriendly" button is quickly clicked because the other player didn't want to listen to you or had a different opinion. This, or something similar, is what an evaluation of the players at the end of a dungeon could look like. Source: buffed

What are the ratings for?

Of course, the developers won't reveal if and what effects the various praises of other players have. Otherwise, many players would certainly try to exploit or manipulate the system in their favor. Such a feature doesn't even have to have a deeper meaning to have a positive effect.

The fact that you can see at the end that you have been praised by your fellow players in one way or another is a good feeling for many people and can have a positive effect. After being praised for being particularly helpful or friendly, people are more likely to maintain that habitus because they are presented with its effects.
If you can't make up your mind, Blizzard gives you a few examples of good performances by your fellow players in Overwatch. Source: buffed
On the other hand, many developers will also incorporate this data into matchmaking and similar systems in one way or another - even if they don't tell us how. And this is exactly where I see an added value for WoW (buy now ).

Possibility for rating

The most important thing about such a system, in my eyes, would be that it is optional. If I have to rate four players at the end of each dungeon and 24 at the end of the LFR, I won't feel like it after two visits. In addition, 90% of the ratings would be completely generic.

Instead, I envision a system where at the end of such a group activity I have the opportunity to give individual players special praise in various categories - if I want to. So I can praise the particularly helpful paladin for explaining to everyone how a certain mechanic works. Or the warrior tank, because he just took over and announced all the necessary divisions in the LFR. Or the hunter who at least politely apologized to everyone every time he right-clicked the boss. In short: If you stand out in a positive way, you get praise. Those who don't stand out don't get a reprimand.

Designing the LFG and LFR tool for this purpose?

Not only would players feel good about being praised by complete strangers every now and then, Blizzard could also use this system to significantly improve the automatic group search. From now on, every group will have at least one player who has often been praised as a "lead player". That would at least be better than imposing the lead in the LFR on anyone who has not yet seen a raid from the inside and only uses the left half of the keyboard.
The LFR and LFG tool could certainly be designed for such evaluations. Source: buffed
New players who still have little experience could be specifically thrown together with players who have often been described as "helpful" or "particularly friendly". Those who have often been praised as "team players" would certainly be happy to be thrown together with other players of similar intent.

There would be quite a number of ways to put such data to good use here. Of course, there would be quite a few things to consider. However, developers don't have to look far. A quick visit to the Overwatch department on the other side of the hall would have avoided many pitfalls. For example, you should not be allowed to rate players from your own guild or friends list, and many other such trifles.

Can negative ratings make sense?

Although most games don't allow negative ratings, I wonder if they wouldn't make sense. Objectively speaking, they certainly would be. Unfriendly players would regularly get such feedback and would change if necessary.

Probably one or the other just laughed out loud. Yes, subjectively we all know that such a system would lead to a lot of chaos. In a world where players are mass reported for spam to win wars in New World, I don't even want to know what the creative WoW players would make of such a system. There would be wildly thrown around with negative ratings, because the shit-tank was too slow to pull, the healer had the nerve to cut a mob first and the death knight ... well, because he is a death knight, that's enough for a negative rating.

That the players would abuse such a system in such a way is actually a pity. If they wouldn't, it could certainly be used sensibly. Regularly unfriendly fellow players would no longer be mixed in with newcomers, but would rather remain among themselves so that they don't annoy anyone else. Those who have collected too many negative ratings would be briefly excluded from the LFG tool. But this will all happen only in a dream world.

How would you like such a feature? Would you be afraid that players would use it negatively or would you find something like this more positive?

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