WoW: A little grind is a must - also in patch 9.2


There are few topics that annoy the WoW community as much as unnecessary grind . In contrast to most other content, most players agree that grind is stupid and nobody wants it! However, they are mainly talking about a certain type of grind. Because, if we are honest with ourselves, whoever finds any kind of grind stupid, has never been happy in WoW and won't be in the future. Because WoW, like any other MMO, is one big grind. We grind for experience points, equipment, resources, currencies and much more. We run through the same dungeons over and over again, through the same raids and fight in the same arenas - strictly speaking, nothing but grind.

Not all grinds are created equal

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"There are, however, very crucial differences between the various contents and what we perceive as gameplay and what we perceive as grind. And often when we say grind, we're only talking about a certain type.

The big difference is whether the grind is fun! For example, collecting equipment in the raid or playing up mythic-plus keys is not a problem for the majority of players, but the preferred activity in WoW (buy now )

. Hardly anyone has a problem with the fact that equipment has to be earned and, if we are honest with ourselves: WoW would be a pretty boring game if we could just get everything at the push of a button without having to do anything for it. 07:47MMORPG
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On the other hand, there is the grind, which most players also perceive as such. Collecting resources, playing up reputation, unlocking things. Strictly speaking, this is nothing more than collecting equipment and knocking down raid bosses over and over again. But the point is that this kind of content is hardly fun for anyone, and you're kind of forced into it.

Before the fun, there's the grindIf


, like me for example, derive your enjoyment primarily from raiding or the high-level Mythic-Plus dungeons, you can only play competitively in these areas if you first devote yourself to various other content that you don't actually enjoy


And I'm certainly not alone in that. That's why people complain about the introduction of new reputation factions that offer great loot, and cheer about new raids that deliver great loot.
If you want to build the new Legendary in Patch 9.2, you have to farm reputation by necessity. Source: buffed
And this is where the real problem of grind in WoW (or any other MMORPG) lies. It's not that it's there, because it always has been and always will be, but that it extends to areas that aren't fun to play, but that you still feel compelled to do.

In a way, the grind is the bouncer you have to pass if you want to party in the club. You could also leave it and go to another club - but then it's usually not as good. Besides, your friends are all in the luxury club. It's the same in WoW. Nobody forces players to do the unloved grind. But if you don't get things like extra sockets, permanent runes, Legendarys and the like, you won't get very far in the raid and high-level dungeons.

Blizzard addresses the problem (again)

Actually, Shadowlands was started as an expansion, in which the developers wanted to keep the grind to a minimum


This has also succeeded in places. Sure, some visits to Torghast were necessary for the Legendarys and farming Stygia wasn't much fun either, but the effort was kept within limits. The grind only really got out of hand when it came to the Anima. And there the developers have actually communicated clearly at the beginning of the expansion that you will have long enough time and do not have to earn all rewards in the first months.

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WoW Patch 9.2.5:

New map for Tirisfal - a new scenario? A new beginning for Calia Menethil and the Forsaken? Undercity and Tirisfal get a new map with WoW Patch 9.2.5! O.O


WoW Patch 9.2.5:

Khadgar is back!

And meets Jaina in Oribos

The mystery of Khadgar's whereabouts is solved! In WoW Patch 9.2.5, the Archmage meets Jaina Splendor Sea in Oribos.

Then with patch 9.1 came Korthia and the grind took on a very unpleasant scale.

In the upcoming patch 9.2, however, it should get better again. Let's take a look at what relevant things we are supposed to grind in Zereth Mortis.

Flying in Zereth Mortis is unlocked via the campaign. So that leaves the possibility of creating a second Legendary and the tier sets outside of the raid. The latter also unlocks automatically later as part of the campaign. However, we have to farm resources, which is currently very, very little effort on the PTR.

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