WoW: Faction imbalance becomes more and more dramatic - is the alliance dying out?


The faction balance in WoW has been out of whack for a long time. This has been clear to interested players not just since the introduction of the Mythic Raider Hall of Fame. If you want to play at a high level, you'll not only find better players on the Horde side, but above all significantly more potential teammates. The reasons for this are numerous, and we've already highlighted some obvious ones, or even a few obvious ones, in our column on faction imbalance, and what Blizzard could do about it.
It's also clear that the developers at Blizzard are aware of this, but apparently aren't doing anything about it. Whether that's because they don't care about the problem or they simply have no idea what to do about it is up for debate. In any case, the opinion of the developers changes in this regard sometimes. In an interview during the last BlizzConline it was one of the "top priorities", in later discussions it became a "primarily a social problem", where neither side has a "mechanical advantage". Perhaps they had hoped the problem would solve itself. But the past Race to World First and the current progress in the sanctum of domination speak a different language.

Factional balance tilts more and more

Quite the opposite in fact: the problem of faction imbalance is getting worse and worse. While at least in the high-end raider realm you could temporarily get the impression that the Alliance was becoming more popular again, the Sanctum is quickly shattering that notion. Let's just take the Hall of Fame as an example. So you could see the Alliance catching up slightly over the course of Battle for Azeroth. With Shadowlands, however, the pendulum continues to move towards the Horde and is currently more unbalanced than ever before.

At the time that 100 Horde guilds defeated the mythic boss and filled the Hall of Fame, the following amount of Alliance guilds had defeated the respective villain:

  • Uldir: 12
  • Battle of Dazar'alor: 15
  • Eternal Palace: 19
  • Ny'alotha: 20
  • Castle Nathria: 15
  • Sanctuary of Domination (extrapolated): about 10-12

If we continue to look at the current state, we see 25 Horde guilds and only 3 Alliance guilds that have succeeded at Sylvanas as of this writing.
Extrapolating that, by the time the Horde closes its Hall of Fame, there should be about 12 blue guilds that have defeated Sylvanas. You can see that this is not so far-fetched by looking at the leading guilds on wowprogress. If we look at the 100 current leading Horde guilds there, they are matched by only ten Alliance counterparts. That's more of an imbalance than we saw even at the lowest point in Uldir.

Mythic-plus groups are in a similar position. One look at the leaderboards is enough to see that the Alliance is barely existent at the top. And also in the width it does not look better.

Faction imbalance not only at the top

So far Blizzard could always argue that this is only a problem at the top. If you looked at the general player numbers, they weren't that unbalanced at 55:45. But even that ratio has continued to tip over the past few months. On European and US servers we currently have (according to wowanalytica) a ratio of about 65:35 - almost twice as many active Horde players as Alliance players. On the Korean servers there is even a ratio of 85:15. WoW: Faction imbalance becomes more and more dramatic - is the alliance dying out? (2) Source: buffed / wowanalytica
And that ratio will continue to tilt. Up-and-coming players are more likely to go to the larger faction, where they can find teammates more easily, or their friends are already active anyway. And also quitting WoW (buy now 14,99 € )

is probably easier when your own community or guild dissolves, which, given the numbers, is more likely to be the case on the Alliance side. Because the ratio of active guilds has also tilted further.

If Blizzard does not react soon, then the scenario of a ghost faction threatens more and more. So far, however, there is still no solution on the part of the developers in sight. And the dissolution of the faction boundaries, which would at least solve these problems in one fell swoop, they have categorically ruled out several times.

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