WoW BC Classic: No sign of life from the LFG tool - is it still coming?


The LFG tool of Burning Crusade is not one of the crucial features of the expansion, as the BC version is far from what we know from retail WoW. But at least it could minimize spam in trade chat and other zones. And who knows, maybe players will become friends with the 14 year old tool despite the modern possibilities of voice chats and co. Just a few months ago, the developers confirmed that the LFG tool would be available at launch and possibly even undergo some modernization. That info dates back to late February of this year.

Later, strings appeared in the game files that hinted at some sort of matchmaking system for the upgraded LFG tool. Again, this information is just under two months old. However, with the pre-patch just around the corner and two weeks until BC Classic's release, BC Classic's group search tool hasn't even been tested yet. Did the developers forget about the tool? And will it even be in the game at release?

As we know, the release of BC Classic was scheduled quite early due to various other MMO releases and the testing phase was shortened accordingly. Either there was no time to test the LFG tool or it will not find its way into the game at launch. Fans of the group search tool can still hope - if at all - that the feature will be tested internally in its revised form and perhaps will be ready for the countless Hellfirebolt runs at the release on June 2nd.

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