WoW Patch 9.2: Tier 22 - this is how you get the tokens!


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. Tier tokens from the Raid2. Tier tokens from the Great Treasury3. Tier Tokens via the Creation

CatalystWith WoW Patch 9.2, the developers of the popular online role-playing game are bringing tier sets back into the game. After all, it wasn't the best idea to do away with them. Accordingly, the feedback from the community is quite positive, even if not all players are completely convinced by the look of the Tier 22 sets. For many, the look is irrelevant anyway; instead, they're interested in the bare numbers and the set bonuses. But ... how do you get the animal gear? We'll answer this question here, based on a small FAQ of the WoW developer Forge in the WoW forum

and the current state on the test server. As usual, the information is subject to change at any time.

Tier tokens from the raid

The developers of WoW have decided that tier tokens should drop in the raid, and not "finished" tier armor, as they announced on January 28, 2022

. These tokens will drop primarily in the Mausoleum of the First from the bosses, as the raid remains your main tier set source, as it has in the past, but just not your only one. Tokens are divided into four groups of three classes each:
  • Mage, Hunter and Druid share the "Mystic" tokens
  • Paladin, Priest and Shaman share the "Worshipful" tokens
  • Monk, Rogue and Warrior share the "Zenith" tokens
  • Demon Hunter, Death Knight and Warlock share the "Terrible" tokens

These are the same divisions as, say, the Nathria weapons you received for anima orbs. Each animal armor slot is assigned to a boss in the mausoleum.

  • Animal gloves drop from Lihuvim
  • Animal pants drop from Halondrus
  • Animal helmets drop from Anduin
  • Animalshoulder pieces drop from Lords of Terror
  • animal breastplates drop from Rygelon

A boss that can drop tokens will drop one for every ten players; this is true on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty. Tier tokens can be traded as long as there is a soulbound piece of tier armor with an equal or higher item level in the corresponding armor slot. The item levels of Tier drops from the raid range from 239 for Raid Browser mode to 278 for Mythic difficulty.

Tier Tokens from the Great Treasury

You can also get tier items from the Great Treasury, from all nine slots - at least that

's what the

PTR data

suggests. This is not yet 100 percent certain. However, it is known that the item level of a pet item from the treasure chamber is based on the weekly challenges that you have completed.

In theory, you will be

able to craft Tier items, but the Catalyst recharges required to do so will be rare at the beginning; you can expect one per week


These recharges will then accelerate the longer the patch is live. Finally, you will receive a Catalyst recharge every two days. Exactly how the Creation Catalyst works is still unknown, as it has not yet been tested on the test server and will probably not be implemented until eight weeks after the release of WoW (Buy Now ) Patch 9.2.

The Catalyst is more of a catch-up mechanic if Droppech is chasing you. Also read these interesting stories 0

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What about you guys? Are you looking forward to the return of the tier sets in WoW: Shadowlands or do you rather not care about the gear?

By the way, you can read a detailed analysis of the tier set bonuses in the upcoming MMORE 03/2021, which will be in stores from February 16, 2022 - and of course soon here on to the homepage to the gallery Jump to comments (0)