WoW: Fans celebrate death knight who reached level 60 without talents


WoW continues to inspire its players to come up with insane leveling ideas. From the Ironman Challenge to the flower-picking Double Agent and the Kezan Goblin, there's something for just about everyone. Now, however, one player is causing a stir by leveling his Death Knight to level 60 in a very special way: He didn't choose any specialization at level 8 and played his character completely talent-free.

Lousy DPS as the main problem

The player, who goes by the username circesalami on reddit, constantly ignored the pop-up windows during the leveling phase that reminded him to select a specialization. Instead, he just got by with the basic skills of his death knight.

The main problem with this: his damage output was "absolute crap". He couldn't use diseases or offensive buffs. Instead, he made do with his ghoul and other controllable undead minions. Accordingly, his main leveling strategy was to find undead enemies and control them. That's why he spent most of Shadowlands' leveling phase in Bastion and Maldraxxus, because that's where he was most likely to find the appropriate enemies.
Incidentally, the talentless death knight, by his own account, marched through dungeons with a random party 24 times during the leveling phase. He wrote: "I am not proud of my deeds. At least I was able to revive in combat."

Community cheers and shakes its head at the same time

Anyway, the community on reddit is celebrating the player for his feat. While some reddit users think circesalami is more than deserving of the title "The Patient One," while others simply admire him or call him "insane." One user even suggested that his guild should drag the Death Knight through a Mythic+ dungeon without specialization, just to find out what the weekly reward chest contains at the end (which, after all, dices out its items based on each specialization).

Source: reddit (via My MMO)

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