WoW: BDGG interviewed about RWF, Venthyr Druid & the best bosses in a long time


The World First race in Sanctuary of Domination is history, and went down as one of the most exciting and close. The US guild BDGG (Big Dumb Golden Guardien) finished fourth in the event, improving their ranking in a RWF for the third year in a row. Now, in an interview with wowhead, they recap their experiences in the Sanctum and talk about why Suffering Forge is one of the best bosses of all time and why Balance Druids are currently the best playstyle for the current raid, among other things.

We have summarized the most important points of the interview for you:

  • The first six bosses in Sanctum had a very exciting design and a well rising difficulty curve. The developers did a very good job in this regard in BDGG's eyes. The Suffering Blacksmith and Doom Scribe in particular stood out. They are not comparable to any previous boss.
  • Unfortunately, however, at least three bosses (Guardian of the Ancients, Doom Scribe, and Kel'thuzad) were too weakly tuned and thus not much of a challenge.
  • The Suffering Blacksmith is remembered by many as the best boss in a very long time. Mainly because he was an extremely tough boss whose attempts didn't last more than ten minutes every time. Kel'Thuzad, on the other hand, as one of the weakest penultimate bosses in a long time.
  • Whereas the difficulty of the Doom Scribe varied massively depending on how the rings needed to be turned and how much quick coordination that required.

The Suffering Blacksmith remains a fond memory for most players. Source: Blizzard

  • Balance Druids benefit tremendously from having their Incite Roar be so valuable in Sanctum - especially on the two hardest bosses. Some mechanics are nearly impossible to do without increasing movement speed.
  • In addition, the damage of the Venthyr Owls was extremely high and the way they deliver their damage to enemies was almost perfect for the Sylvanas fight.
  • On the one hand, they have very good area damage against the many arrows in phase 1, as well as against the adds in phase 2. At the same time, they currently have the best single-target burst in the entire game, which they can bring to the boss several times in phase 3 with good timing or thanks to which critical phases (such as a second round of exploding spheres in P2 can be skipped. They are also quite tough and can dish out quite a bit of healing in critical phases if needed.
  • The fight against Sylvanas is just too long for many players. Source: Blizzard However, the Balance Druid is said to be difficult to play as a Venthyr and requires a lot of practice. This goes along with the fact that if they are played incorrectly or poorly, they will not reach their potential.
  • The strength of the Enhancer Shamans, on the other hand, surprised BDGG. It wasn't so much how much damage the Enhancer did, but rather how much bonus damage the Windwrath Totem provided to Warriors and Demon Hunters. And since those classes were strong and numerous anyway, BDGG switched in an enhancer shortly after the raid started as well.
  • The guild really liked that there were numerous, different strategies for many of the bosses in Sanctum, all of which worked. While some have been fixed (such as preventing Kel'Thuzad from tanking adds through the web of warped fates), guilds are still finding new ways to kill the bosses today.
  • Also, solo tanking from the Guardian of the Ancients, which BDGG used to give themselves an advantage, has since been made impossible via hotfix.
  • By the way, they were already working out this strategy on the test server. Sloot (the guild's tank) was sure that it would work as long as they had at least three Blessings of Protection ready. However, thanks to the strength of the Holy Paladins, that was no obstacle.
  • On the test server, they still assumed that the guardian would be a hard DpS check and optimized a lot in advance.
  • However, the decision to only enter Guardian with five healers, unlike all the other top guilds, was born out of necessity. BDGG had lost their sixth healer just before the progression.
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