WoW: Where is Nathanos? Developers answer questions about Sylvanas and Co.


There are only a few days left until the launch of WoW Patch 9.1: Chains of Domination. To get in the mood for the release of the new update, several interviews with the developers of World of Warcraft have been published. Last week, for example, our editors spoke with Lead Game Designer Feasel about the upcoming patch and what new features await us in Korthia, Torghast, and the brand-new Sanctum of Domination raid.

The battle against Sylvanas will be epic!

As mentioned earlier, more interviews with editors from around the world took place during the same period. Of course, this brings up some exciting information about Patch 9.1, including exciting answers to questions about WoW's current storyline. Ion Hazzikostas, WoW's Game Director, chatted with Gamers about Sylvanas and the heavy load Blizzard's writing team is currently under. Ion Hazzikostas explains:

"It's a heavy burden on the shoulders of our narrative team, of our encounter designers, to deliver something that's been years and years and multiple expansions in the making. Getting the chance to face off against a figure of her stature, people are going in expecting a lot.

Sylvanas is one of those rare World of Warcraft (buy now 14,99 € ) characters whose history goes all the way back to the real-time strategy series, where she was first introduced in Warcraft III. Sylvanas has gone through so many changes and been involved in so many major and sometimes shocking moments that her motivations and fate have become the thing of long and drawn out discussion amongst the WoW community.

The encounter that has been crafted at the end of the Raid - I think it's epic. It's on a scale that exceeds the vast majority of what we've ever tried to pull off in past Raids. And there is a combination that I can't spoil, but I am looking forward to seeing the community discuss and dissect as they try to figure out what's next for her. And what's next for the Shadowlands as a whole.

Having Sylvanas show up as the final boss in 9.1's big Raid is something born from the nature of World of Warcraft's biggest confrontations. When we're contending with these major figures, characters who are at a power level such that no single adventurer could ever hope to stand against them, it's going to require the combined might of a Raid to push the narrative forward. And through them, as it were."

The new WoW novel Sylvanas will be released in February 2022. Source: Blizzard The first important point is that no matter what end befalls Sylvanas in the Sanctum of Domination, she will continue to play a role in the story of WoW. Even if the Banshee Queen should fall in the raid, she will appear in a different form in Shadowlands later on. We've already told you about one of many possibilities for Sylvanas' future in World of Warcraft in this Lore article.

The fact that Sylvanas won't just disappear from the scene at the end of patch 9.1 makes perfect sense. After all, there's bound to be some important background information about the Banshee Queen's motives in the Sylvanas novel. Some Lore fans also point to the Battle for Azeroth animated short series. Warbringer focused on Jaina Splendor Sea, Sylvanas, and Queen Azshara. Although we fought Jaina and Azshara as raid bosses, both ladies were able to survive.

Ion Hazzikostas also states that the developers look back with awe at the long history of Sylvanas. The fight against the Banshee Queen will definitely be epic, of course he didn't want to reveal anything about the ending yet. The developers are already looking forward to discussing what the final battle against Sylvanas in the Sanctum might mean for Shadowlands and the overall story of World of Warcraft. Lastly, Hazzikostas emphasizes that we're once again up against a powerful figure in the universe that we could never defeat on our own. As in the past, it is of great importance that we form an alliance with other heroes in order to master the upcoming confrontation.

And where is Nathanos?

When we talk about Sylvanas, we can't forget about Nathanos Pestrufer. Nathanos was the Banshee Queen's most loyal servant until the end of Battle for Azeroth. Before Sylvanas left for the Shadow Alde, she sent Nathanos away. He then returned to his homeland and faced our heroes as a world boss for a few weeks. Night Warrior Tyrande brought Nathanos to a grisly end at the end.

WoW: For Teldrassil - In-game video of the fight against Nathanos World of Warcraft from€14.99

Pestrufer longed for death. After Sylvanas' disappearance, he wanted to follow her to the Shadow Lands. But so far, there's been no trace of Nathanos. The big question is why his soul never surfaced anywhere in the realm of the dead until now. Theoretically, Nathanos should have ended up right in the Maw after his death.

Give me death! Nathanos Plaguecaller longed to follow Sylvanas into the Shadowlands at the end of Battle for Azeroth. Source: Blizzard There is an answer to this question as well! The French website Millenium asked Steve Danuser, WoW's Principal Narrative Designer, where Nathanos is now and if he even still appears in Shadowlands. Danuser explained:

"You're right, you haven't seen what happens to Nathanos and it's intended. A reference to this plot takes place in one of the cutscenes which has yet to be released, but when the Chains of Domination update rolls out next week, then there will be a few revelations about why Nathanos has yet to be seen alongside Sylvanas."

So there's a reason why Nathanos Pestrufer can't stand by his queen in Shadowlands. We won't know more about that until patch 9.1 is released, though. The developers haven't released a whole bunch of cutscenes yet to avoid spoilers from dataminers. So there will still be some videos coming into the game that explain what happened to Nathanos after his death. And we're looking forward to it! You too?

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