WoW: Rextroy unpacks one-shots again - this time via virtual suicide


When the WoW player Rextroy publishes another video, everyone takes notice. Because usually he has found another curious way to use some abstruse game mechanics for his own advantage - or at least for some funny action. Because he can't really gain an advantage this time. Thanks to the support of various talents, equipment and a consumable item from Mists of Pandaria, the Paladin simply sacrifices himself and thus abruptly drags surrounding enemies to their deaths.

The crux of this technique is the Glowing Signet of Ordos. It was originally designed to kill all critters (small stuff with extremely low health) in the area. With Battle for Azeroth, however, the item's effect has changed. It now destroys your own character as soon as you use it. And it's this virtual suicide that Rextroy takes advantage of.

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Because you don't just die, you take massive damage from the item. Damage that can be absorbed by shield effects, but that doesn't change the inevitable death. Still, there's a way to take advantage of that, Rextroy probably thought.

So he increased his own life points with various things, such as the Sinful Gladiator's Emblem, the Defending Champion, and the Potion of Spectral Endurance. After that, he activated the Retaliator skill Shield of Retribution, which gave him an immense shield thanks to the many health points, which would be completely converted into damage once it was used up. That, in turn, was the case as soon as he killed himself via Shining Seal of Ordos.
Before attacking, he also quickly switches to Shattered Heart of Al'ar to deal even more damage from a depleted shield.

All he had to do now was find a victim and kill himself. Per macro, he still combined the suicide with one of the strongest retaliator skills, Last Reckoning or Ashen Consecration and the one-shot was done.

While this type of one-shot is still in the game - often Rextroy doesn't release his videos until something has been fixed, this method is hardly particularly effective. While it works quite brilliantly, the farm overhead is immense. The Sigils of Ordos have a one to two percent drop chance with the F euer Guardians of Ordos and the Eternal Flame Masters - both found on the Timeless Isle in Pandaria. That means about half an hour of farming per sigil, according to Rextroy.