WoW TBC Classic: Server population in Sept - strong numbers, but not in DE


A lot has happened since our last check of the WoW: Burning Crusade Classic server populations. In the course of the sexism scandal around Activision Blizzard, more details came to light, more Blizzard employees had to take their hats, more in-game innuendos were erased. In addition, there was another unintentional renaming of the German servers with patch 2.5.2, which caused addon chaos, and the feeling that Blizzard continues to do far too little against bots in TBC Classic


Add to that the natural fact that by now most TBC fans have leveled up their characters, managed the attunements, increased their reputation, and farmed their badges, and it's not surprising that Outland has been noticeably less busy than in the first few months. Even back in 2007, phased raid logging was simply a part of TBC


But has all this had a negative effect on the statistics of As a reminder, all characters that have appeared in a log for a TBC endgame content in a certain period of time are recorded there. So we can see how many characters are participating in the PvE endgame on the different servers (we don't include the characters that were also logged in the arena for comparability reasons). The most recent numbers are from the first September ID from September 01, 2021 to September 08, 2021.

  • The US server Benediction can call itself the biggest (TBC) Classic server for the second time. 18,098 (!) characters were counted there (previous month: 12,453 characters).
  • Gehennas continues to dominate the EU region with 14,816 characters (11,538).
  • The biggest German TBC Classic server is still Venoxis, with 8,963 characters (7,806 - 63.5 percent Horde).
  • The former largest DE server Everlook comes to 6,907 characters (6,370 - with a faction distribution of 69 percent Alliance and 31 percent Horde).
  • The formerly very busy server Lucifron currently has 3,015 (instead of 2,983) counted characters (with 99.6 percent Horde).
  • Razorfen has 5,113 active characters (up from 4,265) with 51 percent Alliance and 49 percent Horde.
  • Dragon's Call has 2,895 active characters (up from 3,133), with 37 percent Alliance and 63 percent Horde.
  • Lakeshire has 3,486 (up from 2,858) active characters (with 68 percent Alliance and 32 percent Horde)
  • Patchwerk has 3681 (instead of 4,075) active characters (with 32 percent Alliance and 68 percent Horde)
  • Transcendence has 3,617 (instead of 3,609) active characters (with 39 percent Alliance and 61 percent Horde)
  • Heartstriker comes to 2,069 (instead of 2,167) active characters (at 100 percent alliance)
  • For Celebras there are again data: There 412 (instead of 333) characters were counted on Warcraftlogs, 95 of them on Horde side.
  • In total, 374,667 raid-active characters were counted across the US, EU, and Russia regions (up from 339,470 in July). That's 388,052 characters if you include avatars who only played Arena.

Once again it is noticeable that TBC Classic is much better received in the other regions than here in Germany. While the DE servers are still far away from the Classic numbers and partly even have to accept a slight loss, the populations on various US and EU English servers are increasing significantly. There are now four servers with 15,000+ endgame characters, plus five more with 10,000+ characters. What do you think: What is the reason for this?

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