WoW Patch 9.2: Maldraxxus arena comes to season 3, Enigma arena at some point


Arena disciples among WoW heroes have probably been looking forward to the fact that two new arenas are to be added to the game with the next (and last) Shadowlands content update. The joy is now somewhat dampened. While the arena in Maldraxxus seems to be on time for the release of WoW Patch 9.2 (date still unknown), the Enigma arena with the First theme (pictured above) will be postponed until later, as community manager Kaivax writes in the WoW forum.

Too many moving elements

Kaivax thus in the WoW forum

: "We had originally planned to bring two new arenas into the game with the End of Eternity content update: the Maldraxxus Coliseum and the Enigma Arena. After careful consideration, we decided to spend more development time on making the Enigma Arena as good as we expect it to be. This new arena contains moving objects, and we want to make sure it works properly before release. Although we're very excited about it, we now plan to add it to the game in a later content update rather than with the start of Season 3."

It should be noted at this point: Since WoW (buy now )

Patch 9.2 is supposed to be the last content update of Shadowlands, it is said that the Enigma Arena will probably not be included in this expansion. However, there are PvP fans in the big, wide Azeroth who have no problem with this. Because, according to their feedback in a nutshell, "Oh my god, arenas with moving elements are always going to be a complete disaster anyway. "What

do you think? Is the current selection of arena maps enough for you or do you want more?

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