WoW Column: OK, Boomer - Mage Tower frustration runs especially deep for veterans


The Mage Tower challenges have not only left players with positive feelings. In recent days, and even at the beginning of the December 2021 event, we read that players have put dozens, sometimes even hundreds of attempts into a challenge without being successful. That's a shame, of course, if you wanted to grab your Transmog Set or the Sailing Spell Foliant mount.

In the end, the Mage Tower mount is more prestigious than one might have previously thought. Only about two percent of players were able to secure the Flight Book. This was, of course, due to the fact that the developers disabled all legendary effects and scaled our heroes' item level to level 50.

The frustration of the players

This column, however, is not meant to be about the nasty scaling, borrowed player power, or anything else, but about the defiant comments I frequently had to read after the event from seemingly extremely frustrated players whose honor was offended, which make no sense to me.

The argument, "You making the Mage Tower doesn't mean you're a good player, it just means you were good at the Mage Tower." Even if the following editor, like his predecessors and successors, begrudges everyone else their success, he has succumbed to the same fallacy.

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Mostly this sentence comes from players who previously proudly proclaimed what a veteran they are with their spec, that they used to raid Cutting Edge and that they failed the Mage Tower as a longtime player on a class supposedly shows that the challenge were scaled too hard.

Yes, some of the challenges were far too poorly balanced and the difficulty was set too high. Comparing challenges like the Keystone Hero (mastering dungeons on Mythic +20) and A Towering Success, more players managed Mythic-plus dungeons on +20 than players who mastered at least one Mage Tower challenge. A nostalgic challenge that gives you a transmog set should not be designed for this level of difficulty. But please don't take away from the other players' success or make out that they only "memorized" the Mage Tower.

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Is a good Mage Tower player also a good player in general? Very likely yes

In the same reddit thread it says "Well, even the bad players make it because they just have some muscle memory and reflexes".

I can understand if you just don't have the time to tackle the Mage Tower challenges dozens of times. But the arguments given sound to me like excuses from frustrated players who think they're better and badmouth other players out of spite. If you used to be super good at the game and now you can't do the Mage Tower, you have to admit that the Mage Tower demands exactly what is demanded of you in high raid difficulty levels and high Mythic Plus dungeons . The Mage Tower challenges ask pretty much what is expected of a good player in other PvE content (raids and dungeons), especially cutting edge raiders who have not yet outgeared the content.

Mage tower and ambitious raiding overlap quite a bit

To be victorious in the Mage Tower challenge, you'll not only need to know when to press which buttons with your class, but you'll also need to know the boss fight inside and out - just like in the raid. Don't know the tactics? Then you need to look at a guide

. Just like in the raid. Most people can't just play and get the reward after a few tries - and only if they are good players.

Especially those who say they've put more than 400 attempts into their Bear Shape Challenge and haven't read at least two or three guides with tips and tricks, no matter how much of a veteran they are, apparently still have to look at a guide. That's the only way it works for other players with difficult content. WoW Column: OK, Boomer - Mage tower frustration runs especially deep for veterans (2) Source: Blizzard And just like in the raid, you have to recognize the patterns of the fight: When does what happen and how do I react to it? What if an ability is staggered? Do I have to interrupt an ability later because the timings shift, and when do I do the most damage with my cooldowns? Is there a "cheese tactic" that makes combat much easier?

Even with the Mage Tower you need helpers

In the raid, good raid leaders answer these questions for you through announcements. In addition, you have your own boss mod. By the way, this is also available for the Mage Tower challenges and is included in the Deadly Bossmods challenge pack, which you have to download separately. Also incredibly useful WeakAuras can be found everywhere for the respective challenges and simplify the challenge enormously!

The reason why you see a lot of addons and other WeakAuras on the screen of good raiders is because these helpers do some of the work for them. For example, in Tank Challenge, if you want to independently keep track of when Velen spawns the next Healing Orb, how many seconds you have to interrupt, or when the next Infernal spawns, among all the other abilities and mobs, it's no wonder you get overwhelmed.

So what makes a good player in the Mage Tower Challenge and in a crunchy boss fight are similar in many aspects

. I'm not saying that you don't deserve your raid spot if you haven't done the Mage Tower Challenges, but please don't strut around the world like the Frusti veterans mentioned here, spreading the word that players were only able to secure their Mage Tower success because they memorized the Mage Tower and are still bad players ...Support buffed - it only takes a minute. Thank you!

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