WoW: Media after Shadowlands - keep as glyphs in the game?


Borrowed power has always been a big topic in past WoW expansions. Loosely speaking, it's about systems and features that give our character strength, but are only limited to one expansion or even one patch. Artifact weapons, the Heart of Azeroth, or pact abilities fall into exactly this category. Many players do not like such systems. On the other hand, it gives developers a chance to try out different features and see how they go over with the playerbase.

Mediums are one such feature that is sure to fly out of the game after Shadowlands. This is because they are tied to the Soul Bonds and that would make little sense in an upcoming expansion if the pacts are cancelled. In addition, the feature was not particularly popular, at least in its first version with media energy. The different effects, and the ability to customize them to one's playstyle, were seen rather positively by most players.

Mediums could become glyphs

Couple this with the fact that the return of a well-designed glyph system is a recurring request on the forums, and it makes for quite an interesting possibility.

WoW TBC Classic: The Black Temple in the release trailer

In principle, the effects of the mediums are very comparable to those of the previous glyphs. Individual abilities were equipped with a small bonus effect, got the cooldown reduced a bit, the damage increased or had, for example, a higher critical hit chance. A few glyphs even changed the whole effect of an ability. This is already very close to what media are today.

In the meantime, however, glyphs are just visual gimmicks and no longer have any real influence on our character's performance. Nevertheless, they are still quite popular with many players and are used regularly - for example, to bypass the owl form as a balance druid.

Blizzard might just go back to the previous system here in the upcoming expansion, which had glyphs divided into different categories. Small glyphs for visual gimmicks, large glyphs for player power.

System for multiple extensions

Or the developers could go one step further and directly introduce four categories of glyphs. In addition to the optical one, three more that reflect the different types of media. This would allow the developers to take a large part of the media one-to-one into the upcoming expansion. Moreover, such a glyph system would no longer be thematically bound to any expansion, but could simply be continued.

WoW: Media after Shadowlands - keep as glyphs in the game? Source: Blizzard

At the same time, players would have a good opportunity to individualize their own character. While the power mediums mostly just look at the numbers, you can definitely see a lot of variety in finesse and resistance. It would be a shame to see that go away with the end of Shadowlands. Whereas with talents, Legendarys and basically everything that has a direct influence on DpS or HpS, we hardly see any variation anymore. Read also these interesting stories 0

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How would you like it if Blizzard just took the media at the end of Shadowlands and put it into a revamped glyph system. Better than just throwing them away or were you already not a fan of the glyphs back then? Or do you even have a better idea on how the WoW makers could deliver less throwaway content?

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