WoW: This beast is dynamite! - Tips for fighting the Darkmoon Rabbit in WoW Patch 5.0.4



Nothing works here without a raid! The Darkmoon Rabbit, which was made available in WoW Patch 5.0.4 and can spawn in the northeast of Darkmoon Isle, has already been buffed to level 93 and is correspondingly dangerous. If you want to get the achievement "This Beast is Dynamite!" now, you will have to prove team spirit and stamina.

With WoW Patch 5.0.4, the WoW developers have given Darkmoon Isle a new resident that, with luck, you can visit and kill this month until September 8, 2012: the Darkmoon Rabbit. The rabbit is an homage to Monty Python's "The Knights of the Coconut", which is indicated by the name of the achievement "That rabbit's dynamite", because that's exactly the line you hear in the movie. In the movie, the killer rabbit of Caerbannog is responsible for the death of at least three knights.

In the WoW world, the rabbit will be responsible for many more deaths, as it has already reached level 93 and eats level 85 heroes for breakfast - or so they say. Solo you don't stand a chance against the rabbit right now, you need a raid. And you can expect to bite the dust two or three times during the fight and have to run back to the rabbit's lair from the graveyard. But first, you'd better hope the rabbit is there, too, because it has some as-yet-undeciphered spawn behavior. Some players claim that the rabbit only spawns once per Darkmoon Faire per server, once per month. Other players have seen the rabbit spawn three times on their realm, while others have yet to see it spawn at all. So it seems that it's all down to a good dose of luck and staying power.

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You should only face the rabbit with a raid of 40 people. For one, only players in the raid that first tagged the killer rabbit will receive the "This Beast is Dynamite!" Achievement - outsiders will be left out in the cold. Also, only members of that raid can roll for the epic Darkmoon Rabbit, which drops once per kill. By the way: The pet is not bound when picking it up and can therefore be traded. There are about a dozen rabbits on the German WoW servers so far, an overview of which can be found on the rabbit auction page of

The Darkmoon Rabbit has easily 174 million health points, and the fight drags on even with 40 men. You may not need 40 characters to deal the necessary damage to a mob eight levels higher than your hero. You do, however, sometimes need the 40 henchmen to keep the rabbit from resetting while players wait for their respawn timers. As I said before: it's entirely possible that your character will die multiple times in the fight. The HUGE, BIG TEETH! ability not only causes the affected hero to flee headless, but also prevents them from being healed. 99 percent of the time, this is fatal. Only a few class abilities can interrupt this effect: the Mage's Ice Block, God Shield, and Paladin's Hand of Protection. PvP trinkets, on the other hand, do not help. Because of this fear effect, the raid should also stay in the cave when fighting. This reduces the risk of a player running too far away from the rabbit with the aggro, and the rabbit being reset as a result.

Some WoW fans claim that the Darkmoon Rabbit would be easier to defeat with [wowitem= 80237], but so far this item does not exist in the game - and whether it will ever be implemented is also questionable. Therefore, you will have to rely on your usual weapons to hunt the rabbit - we wish you a lot of fun!