WoW: Are you ready to break the chains of domination? Patch 9.1 Trailer


WoW Patch 9.1 will be released on the servers of the online role-playing game on June 30, 2021 - finally! WoW fans have been waiting for new game fodder since shortly after the release of WoW: Shadowlands in November 2020, and now the time has finally come!

Flying in the Shadowlands

Through a new quest series, you and new allies will discover the mysterious city of Korthia, which the Dungeon Master has drawn to the Maw by mighty chains. Play the entry into the new quests, in which you are to break the chains of domination to unlock flying in the Covenant regions of the Shadowlands - yes, you read correctly! There's no reputation grind associated with this. Also new, aside from countless new ways to function: You'll finally be allowed to upgrade to normal ground mounts in the Maw.

The new Sanctum of Domination raid

In the brand-new raid Sanctum of Domination, ten new bosses await you, from which you will want to steal the much sought-after loot. The final enemy is none other than Sylvanas Windrunner, who will be making an appearance to cover the dungeon master's attack on the judge in Oribos. You can read the exact details on when which content of the Sanctum will be activated in our WoW Patch 9.1 schedule overview.

New stories from the Shadowlands

The Pacts must band together as part of the events of Patch 9.1 and try to beat back the Dungeon Master and his armies. For the dark villain and lord of the abyssal maw is hunting down his supposed siblings in order to take the keys to his liberation from them - no matter what the cost!

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