WoW: Mythic-Plus-Dungeons - how to make them even better


With the upcoming WoW Patch 9.1.5, the developers of Blizzard are just throwing around adjustments that the players have requested. It's probably no surprise that the players take this as an opportunity to come around the corner with further wishes or suggestions in all possible places. This is also true for the Mythic Plus system in WoW. In the eyes of most players, it's anything but bad - but even good systems can be improved. And so, in various suggestions and discussions, a few suggestions for improvement have emerged, which we of course do not want to withhold from you.

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  1. 1Morevariety!
  2. 2Differentaffix combinations!
  3. 3Reworkthe affixes!
  4. 4Noteverything on the back of the healers
  5. 5Transparencyand shards

More variety!

WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) Shadowlands hasn't even been running for a whole year yet and yet it already feels very old. The reason for this is, among other things, the very long active patch 9.0, which was also a problem for Mythic-Plus dungeons. Because without a new patch, there was also no new season affix. On top of that, we have relatively few dungeons in Shadowlands compared to the previous expansions. So players have less variety than before.
The new season affix is definitely well received by WoW players. Source: The upcoming patch 9.1.5 Timewalk: Legion could be the forerunner here. Because it will also make old M+ dungeons playable again. Couldn't such a system be extended to the other expansions? We've already addressed this topic in a previous column, and now the cries for it are getting louder. So you could supplement the current dungeons with three or four older dungeons that change at regular intervals. So you wouldn't just throw away the Shadowlands dungeons, but support them with old dungeons for more variety. The only question is, how much work is adapting old dungeons to the current system and how does Blizzard do it with the loot. For example, if best-in-slot gems come from a dungeon that is only playable once every three months, then it can get frustrating quickly.

Other affix combinations!

Players have long grown accustomed to the alternate affix system, and most consider it to be very well implemented. However, you could take another look at the affix combinations and make a few changes here.
For one, two "heavy" affixes should no longer necessarily be combined. Because it's frustrating when you go from a week with two "light" affixes to one with "heavy" affixes, and you'd rather play three levels lower in one fell swoop.

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Secondly, the affixes should be combined in such a way that a tank/healer affix is always combined with a DpS affix. If, as was the case recently, two affixes are combined that require more attention from the tank (Necrotic and Bloody) or healer, while the DpS players can mercilessly lumber on, then that is not necessarily optimal. Long wait times were the result, because many tanks just sat out the week instead of giving themselves double the stress. But the other way around is also stupid. Combinations like Inciting and Stormy, which are primarily the responsibility of the damage dealers, shouldn't be there and cause frustration on one side, while the tank can play as if nothing ever happened.

Revise affixes!

Even though there are no more terrible affixes, there are still some that could use a rework. This is primarily about two things.
Stormy has already been greatly weakened, but is still the terror of all melee fighters. Source: buffed

On the one hand, there should ideally be no more heavy and light affixes at all. But that is very difficult to balance. Therefore, most players are already satisfied with the fact that the individual affixes do not affect different roles so extremely. This means especially the difference between melee and ranged fighters. Affixes like Stormy or Spiteful can usually be ignored by ranged players, while Melees regularly throw their keyboard and mouse against the wall in these weeks.

The Boshaft-Adds like to knock a player out of existence. Source:

While these affixes have been toned down in the past, that hasn't fixed the varying difficulty. Why not have the whirlwinds spawn near players rather than always where the mobs are. Same for the resurrected spirits from Boshaft. Since these rise from corpses, they are rarely if ever a threat to ranged players, while Melees get knocked down by them more than once. If the ghosts instead rose from under or next to players, they would be similarly difficult for all classes.

Not Everything on Healers' Backs

There are also frequent calls to adjust affixes so that most bugs aren't on healers' backs. Exploding orbs, bursting too high, players in volcanic areas or ignored bloody puddles - the healer is always the loser. He has to deal with all the mistakes of the other players and therefore has the most stressful job in weak groups - while the damage dealers often don't even notice when they do something wrong until they end up dead on the floor.
The look of disdain on the damage dealers' faces when the healer couldn't compensate for their mistakes. Source: Blizzard

As a result, many healers would like to see mishandling of affixes hit the damage dealers where it hurts the most: the DpS! For example, the rework of Vulcan a while back was a step in the right direction. The damage if you don't go out of area was reduced, in exchange you get interrupted in your spells. Quaking has also been adjusted slightly in this direction. For most players, however, this still doesn't go far enough. They would like to see more affixes, such as silencing or stunning players, or simply reducing damage for a short period of time. Only then would they be true DpS affixes in the eyes of many healers.

Transparency and Shards

The two most requested changes would be very easy to implement. First, players would like to see a little more transparency in the rotation of affixes. Why do we only get the current combination displayed and not already the ones for the coming week or weeks? Is it really necessary for Blizzard to be so secretive about what we can expect in the first few weeks of a patch? Once the rotation has run through, you can look it up on various sites anyway - so why not directly within the game?

The other request, and yes, here the players have made it clear that it is a request and not a wish, is to turn off the Shards of Domination in the mythic dungeons. While the bonuses don't work there, the individual shards do. And those are only and exclusively available in the raid. If you want to play Mythic-Plus ambitiously, you are forced to go into the current raid as well. Actually, the developers wanted to prevent this: The best M+ armor should only be available in M+ in the long run, the best raid armor in the raid and so on and so forth.

What other wishes and suggestions would you have to improve the system of Mythic-Plus-Dungeons in WoW Shadowlands?

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