WoW: World First Mythic-Plus 21 in the time without healers (Video)


Towards the end of Season 1 of WoW Shadowlands, some groups are venturing into +20 dungeons and even mastering them without healers. We have already noted that breaking the holy trinity in WoW dungeons (1 tank, 1 healer, 3 DpS) is a problem. The same group that already held the achievement for +20 in time without a healer has now successfully completed a Mist of Tirna Scithe on +21 with the Inspiring, Stormy, and Reinforced affixes. The team consists of a Devastation Demon Hunter, Paladin Tank, Fire Mage, and two Balance Druids. You can check out how they did it in the video below.

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Once again, the strong healing power of the tank paladin and the massive utility that the balance druid brings to the table shows. In addition to healing, Moonkins have the ability to bind enemies via Ursol's Vortex, allowing the tank to kite. Via Force of Nature, Treants jump in as tanks every 60 seconds - and with a cooldown of just one minute.

Below you can take a detailed look at the group. Through, you can see what pacts, Soulbond skills, mediums, trinkets, and Legendarys each player has used. In the leaderboard, runs without healers are often not recorded. For this to work, one of the teammates must re-skill from healing to DpS after the keystone countdown.

So, in pure theory, there could be groups that also completed +21 or higher in the time without a healer. Since that's not the norm and very likely would have been mentioned somewhere, we're not assuming it though. But maybe it's part of the metagame by now to complete high keystones with the power of Moonkins without a healer.

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