WoW: World First Race in the Sanctum - who is participating, who is streaming?


The World First Race in a new WoW raid is the highlight of a major content patch for many fans. Hardly any other World of Warcraft fan event captivates so many players, whether pro or noob, to the screens and livestreams. With WoW Patch 9.1 the raid Sanctum of Domination has been released, and from July 13, 2021 the mythic mode opens in the US, from July 14, 2021 from 08:00 the European players can slowly get started, and again a little later Asian Progress Guilds can get started. Which teams will be participating in the WFR in Sanctum?

Complexity Limit

As a US guild, Limit is of course one of the first to start in mythic mode. They have already announced on July 1, 2021 that they plan to raid for +16 hours every day and have gathered around 18 raiders in one place. On July 9, the raid roster left for the streaming location. Complexity Limit is not expected to do much less than win the WFR, after all they have claimed the throne of the past two raids; Ny'alotha and Nathria. But, the Sanctum doesn't start with an N - will the US be able to hold their own again? The general landing page for the Limit streams can be found here.


Like the phoenix from the ashes, Method is looking to rise and fight their way back to the top of the world. In Uldir, Dazar'alor, and the Eternal Palace, Method was able to shine with the roster it had at the time, but then various controversies rocked the organization. In hindsight, Method split up. Most of the well-known raiders went to Echo, leaving Method with only a few, including celebrity tank player Sco. In Castle Nathria, Method's raiders eventually finished in 8th place. Players are currently preparing for the World First Race with split runs. The Team Method stream page can be found here.

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From the Erupt Lounge in Switzerland, Echo's Raid roster will be participating in the WFR. To win the race, players are currently preparing with split runs as well. After the great turmoil surrounding Method, many of the regular raiders joined forces with Echo and already delivered an impressive comeback in Castle Nathria. Echo ended up in second place behind Limit, confirming that Method's old glory days are not lost with the split. To see if Echo makes an impressive comeback in Sanctum of Domination and takes on Limit head on, check out Echo Esports' various livestreams.


On July 14, 2021, it's all about everything again for the German-speaking guild Aversion. The team, based on the Blackhand server, is a strong contender in every World First Race, finishing Mythic Nathria in 12th place. If you want to support the players with your views, then visit the Twitch team page of Aversion. By the way, the show is produced by the pros at TakeTV.


Pieces finished in third place in the Nathria race, but didn't really surprise anyone with that, did they? The European guild announced they will be participating in Race to World First on July 7, 2021, and are also warming up on Twitch.

Team Aster

The raiders of the Chinese guild Team Aster have declared war on the long-established clans and are playing from Shanghai. Aster has already secured a small victory, with the heroic World First of Sylvanas. It remains to be seen if Aster will or can stream. The location, at least, gives it away.

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It will also be interesting to see which other Asian guilds are looking to enter the race. Skyline (ranked 5th in Nathria) and Jitianhong (ranked 6th in Nathria) will certainly have something to say about the RWF.

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