WoW: "Return of the Lost Souls" becomes a repeatable quest in 9.1.5


Even after the official announcement and the short preview of patch 9.1.5, the developers are still releasing more information about the next update in WoW Shadowlands. In doing so, they are obviously continuing the path they want to take with the upcoming patch. More twink-friendliness and less grind is written on the banner of 9.1.5. The latest announcement should also please players who are either trailing a twink or are latecomers to Shadowlands in general. Because starting with patch 9.1.5, it will be significantly easier to quickly expand your pact tanking.

  • With patch 9.1.5, the weekly quest Return of Lost Souls becomes a repeatable quest.

For one thing, the developers plan to give every player access to this quest - regardless of the character's fame level, if any. So instead of having to collect five, then ten, then 20 souls, you'll start with the largest of the quests.
Secondly, this quest should become repeatable. Because already in patch 9.1 we are swimming in tons of Anima, so even the cap has been lifted.
However, in order to expand our pact sanctuary, we also need the souls, of which we could only capture a limited number per week. Starting with the upcoming patch, we will be able to capture as many souls as we want each week. This way, even stragglers will get their Pact Sanctum completely upgraded relatively quickly.

This is especially important, of course, in light of the adjustments that we'll be allowed to freely switch between our pacts often in 9.1.5, and many players will want to have all of their pacts upgraded.

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