WoW: The Tinker - a new class? How could that work?


Update from February 15, 2022: The latest rumors about the next WoW expansion called Ashes of Galakaros

interestingly bring a new class for World of Warcraft into play again: the Tinker aka Tinker or Tinker. According to the rumors, the Tinker will have specializations that function as DpS as well as healer and tank skills. The focus of the gameplay is said to be the Tinker's backpack, which spits out drones or other automata depending on the specialization. These rumors are unconfirmed by the WoW developers, but such a gameplay is strikingly reminiscent of the Tinker mechanics from Warcraft 3.It is

said that Ashes of Galakaros should have been announced on February 18, 2022

. There are still a few days left until then today (Feb. 15, 2022), and we're curious like a hot dog to see if the rumors will come true.

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. The Tinker - will he be any good in WoW?2. The Tinker in Warcraft33. The smartest creatures4. How does it fit into the game?

The desire for the Tinker as a WoW class, however, is about as old as World of Warcraft (buy now ) itself and has often been mentioned in the same breath as Death Knight and Demon Hunter. No surprise to WoW fans: both playstyles have been in the game for years now. We already took a look at where the Tinker desire of Warcraft fans actually comes from in an article years ago. Below we explain the origins of the Tinker.

The Tinker - is he any good in WoW?

The Tinker has been an integral part of any discussion about new classes for World of Warcraft for several years now. We asked ourselves the question: Why actually? And what can a Tinker contribute to the gameplay? First, let's take a look at what a Tinker actually is.

Many players are in favor of introducing a Tinker and have even made class pages and explanations for the homepage. Source: Cadmas

The name Tinker means something like tinker or tinkerer, who uses numerous devices and gadgets in battle. As with the Pandaren, the desire for a Tinker began with an April Fool's joke from developer Blizzard. On April 1, 2004, the development team announced that with the next patch for Warcraft 3, a new neutral hero would enter the playing field: the Goblin Tinker.

The enthusiasm of the fans knew no bounds, but then turned into sheer disappointment the very next day, when Blizzard had to explain that it was just an April Fool's joke. The developers couldn't get out of the joke, and only two weeks later, after numerous petitions and countless forum posts, they announced that they would finally implement the Tinker as a hero for Warcraft 3 in patch 1.15.

The Tinker

in Warcraft 3

In Warcraft 3, players welcomed the new hero with open arms, as he has a variety of fun mechanics


With his pocket factory, for example, he makes clockwork goblins that approach approaching enemy units and blast a crater into the surrounding area upon impact - which, of course, inflicts heavy damage on all nearby units. Then the Warcraft Tinker has a rocket launcher, which also deals heavy area damage and additionally paralyzes all hit enemies for a second.

The Tinker started out in Warcraft 3 as an April Fool's joke, just like the Pandaren. But the developers finally brought him into the game. Source: Blizzard

The best of all abilities is the transformation into a Robo-Goblin. In the form of the mechanical berserker, the Tinker not only gets a bonus to his strength and armor, but also becomes immune to various movement-restricting effects. Through upgrades, as usual in Warcraft 3, all abilities can be additionally expanded and improved. Born out of an April Fool's joke, the Goblin Tinker outgrew itself, thrilled fans and even made the leap into the world of World of Warcraft - albeit not as a playable class. To that end, let's take a look at the lore surrounding Tinkers in Azeroth.

The smartest creatures


are by

far the smartest inhabitants of Azeroth


They are known as the inventors of intangible devices, multifunctional knives or siege engines. With their inventions, they can handle almost any situation with ease. If they still lack an invention to tackle a certain matter, they simply invent a new device. However, they also have a different reputation.

Many peoples of Azeroth warn their families and friends against traveling with a Tinker because, as we know, they have a penchant for explosive experiments. Something can go in the eye. Typical races that train their members to be tinkers are dwarves, goblins and, of course, gnomes. All of the above races excel in the production of steam engines, zeppelins, and other exquisite mechanical inventions in Azeroth.

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How does this fit into the game?

If the developers at Blizzard are inspired by a template for the WoW Tinker, we recommend the Engineer in Guild Wars 2. Source: Arenanet

How can the class be implemented in the game? The lore is there and Tinker already exists in the game world. What could his abilities look like as a playable class? We could also imagine a Tinker who, like in Guild Wars 2, acts with flamethrowers and rifles, heals comrades-in-arms with turrets or deals permanent damage with bombs. Two specializations could be imagined - one could focus on damage, the other could be a supporter with multiple healing abilities and crowd control skills. The thought of the medic from Wildstar also comes up, who could provide healing with his bots and drones on the one hand, but also dealt out powerfully on the other.

We would definitely be excited about the Tinker, as such a class does not yet exist in WoW. And maybe Goblins and Gnomes would get a new boost in popularity. What do you think about a new Tinker class and how do you imagine an implementation? Let us know in the comments!

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