WoW Patch 9.2: Boss-only mode in Torghast reworked - harder and more loot


Torghast, the endless tower in the Maw, will once again get some attention from the developers with the upcoming WoW Patch 9.2. They seem to be listening to the feedback of the players, who find the runs in Torghast too long and monotonous thanks to the many trash passages. With the new game mode called Gauntlet of the Dungeon Master, all the trash disappears from the levels and corridors and you only have to deal with bosses. Several bosses per level await you, which you have to fight partly one after the other and partly at the same time.

WoW Patch 9.2: New boss-only mode in Torghast - Running the Gauntlet

WoW Patch 9.2: Developer video on the end of eternity

Revisions to the gauntlet - harder

Apparently, the first tests on the PTR revealed that the developers and players are not quite satisfied with the implementation yet, resulting in two major changes.

  • The recommended item level has been dramatically increased

Given the overwhelming feedback that the new game mode is too easy, this sounds very strange at first. After all, a higher item level would make it even easier. Therefore, it seems likely that this adjustment was just a preparation to make scaling drastically more difficult with one of the upcoming PTR builds.

Level Recommended item level (old) Recommended item level (new)
Layer 1 170 230
Layer 2 185 245
Layer 3 190 260
Layer 4 205 275
Layer 5 220 280
Layer 6 240 280
Layer 7 260 280
Layer 8 280 280

This would also solve another "problem". The lower levels are very easy while granting a bunch of Soul Embers and Soul Ashes. Therefore, they would be perfect for getting Legendarys quickly with Twinks - at least much faster than via the other wings. With a higher difficulty level, this problem (which is not a problem in the eyes of many players) would be alleviated.

Revisions to the gauntlet - more loot

  • The previously known rewards have been moved to level 1 through 4

Previously, the familiar rewards (pet, toy, title and mount were spread across levels 2, 4, 6 and 8. However, with the latest revision, they can be obtained at levels 1 through 4. This suggests that more rewards will be introduced for levels 5 through 8. Currently, however, there are none to be found on the PTR.
WoW Patch 9.2: Boss-only mode in Torghast revised - harder and more loot (2) Source: buffed This should further enhance the new game mode and also counteract a point of criticism that players already had in the Winding Corridors. There, they had to repeatedly complete levels that didn't yield any rewards. However, this problem would not have been as dramatic in the Gauntlet, where the runs are much faster than in the 18 corridors of the Twisted Corridors.

Are you looking forward to the boss-only mode in Torghast, or are you sick of the Endless Tower?

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