WoW: Torghast, balancing, loot and M+ - Morgan Day in an interview with Sloot


Until patch 9.1 comes to the live servers of WoW, we have to be patient a little longer. Of course, the developers at Blizzard know that even better than we do, which is why they are currently doing a lot to make the wait seem not too long. Not only are they throwing bits and pieces of content on the PTR so that there's always something new to test and players get the impression that things are moving forward. The developers are also currently making themselves available for interviews every now and then. Especially the bigger WoW streamers can look forward to regular visits from Blizzard's high-ranking developers. In the current case Lead Gaming Designer Morgan Day was Slootbag's guest and revealed a few things about the upcoming patch. We've packed up the most important info for you.

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Class balance and boss design

  • The developers want to make more and faster adjustments to classes.
  • Nerfs are to be avoided with the exception of the first few weeks of a patch. Rather buff the weaker classes.
  • Death knights can look forward to a whole slew of adjustments in the PvP area.
  • Mistcasters will also see some changes - but more in the realm of numbers.
  • Holy Paladins will be getting some tuning adjustments soon. Both Ash Consecration will be adjusted, as well as how Holy Power is generated, possibly resulting in a different playstyle.
  • There will be many more adjustments coming until patch 9.1 goes live.
  • Class designers and boss designers are in direct communication and talk to each other frequently.
  • The design of the current bosses always has a big impact on the current class balance.
  • When it comes to class balance, you have to distinguish between two issues: The design of the class or ability and its numerical values.
  • Holy Priests could have been buffed easily. However, they decided to change the class design a bit by reworking an ability to create a new niche for him.
  • The Death Knight's Antimagic Field is something the developers are keeping an eye on. We may soon see a cap on how much damage can be absorbed.
  • Some DoT classes are at the top of fights on single targets, which is weird and shouldn't be that way. So some adjustments will follow here to adjust the damage profile a bit.
  • Raid cooldowns like Antimagic Field or Inciting Roar are good as special and unique abilities. Each class should bring an advantage to the raid. This is where the developers need to put in some work though, they know this themselves.
  • The developers would rather see each class bring something special than all be able to do the same thing.
  • Rogues are traditionally disproportionately represented in bosses. On the boss designer side, though, they've tried to keep the immunity strengths in check without completely losing the rogue's niche.

Sanctum of Domination

  • The amount of BoEs in Castle Nathria was too high, making them too powerful. As a result, we will see fewer BoEs in the Sanctum of Domination. Probably only in two or three slots.
  • The weapon tokens were actually introduced to be able to provide the heroes with pact-specific weapons and shields.
  • The loot distribution for the Sanctum of Domination is almost done. Some classes and playstyles will not get a weapon on the back two bosses. This is by design.
  • The developers are very happy with four items dropping per boss. They may have gone a little too far there, though.
  • You can have a maximum of five Domination sockets on your equipment.
  • There will be three types of Domination sockets: Blood, Frost, and Unholy.
  • Each socket gives you a bonus that works anywhere in Azeroth.
  • If you wear three sockets of the same type, you'll get some sort of set bonus, but it will only work in the Maw (and thus also in Korthia, Torghast, and the new raid).
  • There are no plans to change the party size in mythic mode in any way.
  • There will be no small in-between raids in Shadowlands. However, this could be the case again in the further future.
  • The dungeon master will be the final boss of the expansion. "who else will i be? I want to punch the Jailer!"
  • Sylvanas will not get a Mythic-Only phase. Great story moments should not be hidden behind a mythic final boss.

Mythic-Plus System

  • They basically agree with players on their feedback regarding keystones and preferred dungeons, but currently have nothing concrete to announce regarding this.
  • The developers are currently taking a closer look at so-called kiss/curse affixes (which have a negative, but also a positive aspect - such as the current season affix Pride). You may see these more often in the future, even aside from Season Affixes.
  • In Patch 9.1, if you have a player in your party whose Mythic Plus rating increases as a result of the run, they will receive additional Valor points.
  • There's nothing to announce yet, but the developers are excited to get the opportunity to give extra rewards to the best players in a Season with the new rating system.


  • The developers still have a lot of content they want to implement in Torghast.
  • There are twelve new achievements, new mounts, pets, and cosmetic items.
  • The replayability of Torghast is the focus of the developers. The new scoring system and meta progression coming to the game with 9.1 should help with that.
  • The scoring system was incomplete and players provided plenty of feedback on it.
  • An update to the Winding Corridors is not currently on the developers' schedule.
  • Leveling in Torghast is also not planned, at least for patch 9.1. But possibly in one of the upcoming intermediate patches.
  • Speed is an important aspect for the rating of Torghast - but should by no means be the only criterion.
  • The "Torghast Knowledge" will get a Season Cap - similar to Valor Points or Conquest Points.
  • Torment, which reduces your health points over time, has already been removed internally.
  • Giving players the option to remove all Torment is not currently on the schedule.
  • The cost of rank 1 through 4 Legendarys will not be reduced.
  • However, in exchange, the amount of Soul Ash earned in your first run will be increased by 50 percent.
  • You'll also earn Soul Ash when you revisit hallways you've already completed, but at a much lower rate.
  • And you will be able to transfer Soul Ash to your Twinks.