WoW: Rextroy's class raid vs. Nathanos - which class wins, which goes down?


After Rextroy has been more concerned with bugs and exploits in WoW Shadowlands in the recent past, he takes on the battle between the classes again in the latest video. Unlike in the past, however, he doesn't rush 40 death knights against 40 paladins, but lets the "class raids" compete in PvE to see who does best.

The starting point is very simple. Set a raid consisting of eight players of a single class on the original version of Nathanos Plaguecaller in Undercity and see how long it takes for the last player of the raid to be left in the dust. That's because Nathanos has few skills, but very deadly ones. He hits like a sledgehammer, had a mass fear effect, and also summons adds, which also hit properly. But spoilers: some teams were able to defeat him anyway!

Stormwind gear and no OP skills

But because that would be a bit too simplistic for most raids - after all, Nathanos only has just under 180k health points - further restrictions were needed. The first one concerned the equipment. Nathanos still has a good laugh. But at the end of the class raids, he actually won more often than he lost. Source: Blizzard All teams started naked in Stormwind and had to buy their armor together. Everything that could be bought from the merchants in Stormwind and had a maximum rarity level of green was allowed.

In addition, some abilities were prohibited - for example, heroism effects, battle revives, or consumables. The first two in particular could have otherwise caused a massive imbalance. Last but not least, the combat area was also predetermined, so that the boss wouldn't be dragged halfway across the world.

Who is OP and who has no chance?

In the video below, you can see the entire challenge and find out for yourself which class does how well. Spoiler: while some don't stand a chance, others take down the boss almost in passing and with great ease. Do you know which class belongs to which category beforehand?

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If you don't want to watch the whole video, you can have a look at the result list after the following spoiler image. In it you will find all classes and at what percentage boss health they failed or how many players were still alive when Nathanos could be defeated.
Attention, below the spoiler image you will find the result of the class raids. Source: buffed

  1. Paladins (7 out of 8 alive)
  2. Warlock (5 of 8 alive)
  3. Death Knights (3 of 8 alive)
  4. Druids (3 of 8 alive)
  5. Mages (7 percent)
  6. Demon hunter (11 percent)
  7. Hunters (15 percent)
  8. Shamans (18 percent)
  9. Monks (20 percent)
  10. Rogues (20 percent)
  11. Warriors (47 percent)
  12. Priests (55 percent)
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