WoW BC Classic: Green items bugged - don't buy healing bonus items!


At the beginning of the BC Classic beta, players found green items with unusually high stats (see clip below). For example, a crossbow with +23 agility would have been best in slot for some classes like the rogue in phase 1 until the end of content. These excessively high stats on common items were quickly adjusted at first.

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In the case of the crossbow, mobility has been lowered to +7, which is much more realistic by BC standards. However, these adjustments have introduced new problems. Green items with bonus healing have values that are too high.
WoW BC Classic: Green items still bugged - do not buy items with healing bonus! (1) Source:

For example, this offhand item drops at level 61 and has +52 bonus healing. By comparison, an epic level 70 offhand like Aran's Calming Sapphire has +51 bonus healing. So something is rotten here. This is just one of many examples. Other items with bonus healing even top the tier 4 set.

Do not buy or use these bonus healing items!
These items are bound when you create them and can be sold in the auction house with them. Save your gold, though! Because one thing is for sure: the bug will be fixed eventually. More importantly, though, it's not worth buying even when bugged.

This is because these items do not grant you the bonus heal value shown, nor the normalized value

they should have after the hotfix. Players are reporting that these items actually grant zero bonus healing, even if the value on the item / in your character window is increased.

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