WoW: How to defeat Mor'geth in eight seconds (video)


WoW player Xirev shows us a trick in his video that allows an organized raid to defeat the Maw World Boss Mor'geth within a few seconds. However, in order to use the following trick, the Kyrian Pact attack must be active in the Maw.

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Because only then you can pick up the item Spear of the True Heart in the area before Ve'nari's Refuge. Via a use effect, it deals some Holy damage to all nearby enemies, but more importantly, reduces the target's health by 30% and reduces any damage dealt by the target by 30% as well.

The Extra Action button stays active for up to an hour after picking up this spear, and can even be stacked up to ten times. This makes it especially easy to defeat elite mobs or even world bosses like Mor'geth super fast. In Xirev's video, several players were equipped with Spear of the True Heart at once and threw it at the boss to pull. The stackable debuff caused the boss' health to drop from 5.81 million to just over 600,000.

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In Xirev's Reddit post, you can see that just one spear reduces the boss' health by circa one million. So grab one of the spears during your next Kyrian assault and make the fight easier (and shorten the lag the world boss causes in the area...)

However, we're pretty sure that the Blizzard Police will soon make this fun item useless against mobs like Mor'geth or at least not let the effect add up anymore

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