WoW: Rest In Peace, APES! Classic Hardcore Guild announces the end


It's September 01, 2019, and WoW Classic is just a few days old, and already players from the APES guild on the Gehennas EU server have been able to make their mark on the vanilla remake. Onyxia and Ragnaros were still down in the first ID.

At the same time, 15 players of the raid were not even level 60 yet, and Onyxia even had only 34 players with mastered prequests.

As surprising as the early timing of the kills was, it was unsurprising that APES grabbed the first major world-first kills of the Classic era. After all, the guild had already made a name for itself on a Classic private server, so the guys and gals knew exactly what to do and how to do it from day one in order to level efficiently towards level 60 and lay the bosses so quickly.

Even in the following period, the players of APES always fight for the Progress records. Most recently in Phase 1 of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic, Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon's Chamber were tied for 4th place worldwide (behind Progress, Tribe, and Insidious). And as of recently, it's clear that this was probably APES' last Progress competition in WoW Classic.

Maitoz announces farewell to WoW

In the course of a Twitch stream, APES guild leader Maitoz stated (starting at 03:37:50) that he will be quitting WoW and the entire guild will be ceasing its raid operations. The reasons read as follows:

  • The stream linked above will probably be Maitoz' last WoW stream.
  • Maitoz has been playing World of Warcraft (buy now €14,99 ) for 15 years now. He just feels "saturated" and has been thinking about hanging up his WoW career for a long time.
  • Classic hasn't gone in a direction that Maitoz and other APES members had hoped for. The reason they stuck with it as long as they did was due to social aspects like loyalty and friendship.
  • TBC Classic Phase 2 is just around the corner, but don't expect a new paradise of rainbows there, and suddenly the game is really good and fun again.
  • In retrospect, the player admits that he should have quit back in the wake of WoW Classic. Classic went downhill after the opening of the Tough Luck Hoard. From then on, the game turned more and more into gold farms for boosters and gold DKP providers, PvP in the open world disappeared, instead there were more and more bots - all this torpedoed the Classic feeling.
  • He does not want to return to private servers, the topic of WoW is over for him. But there will still be streams, just for other games.
  • How many of the other APES take their WoW hat, is not known. The only thing that is clear is that there are enough players involved to no longer be able to maintain raid operations under the APES crest.
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