WoW: Super fancy loading screens for Sanctum of Domination and Tazavesh


With WoW Patch 9.1, the Maw loses its terror and the reunited pacts advance into the dark realm of the Dungeon Master with a powerful army. At the heart of the Maw lies the new Sanctum of Domination raid. Ten new bosses and plenty of loot await our heroes in the seat of the dungeon master. But there is more news to marvel at with Patch 9.1. The mega-dungeon Tazavesh is a secret market where middlemen trade all sorts of exquisite artifacts.

In keeping with both new instances, Blizzard's graphic artists have created two fantastic illustrations that will grace the loading screens of Sanctum of Domination and Tazavesh in the future (source: WoWHead).
Loading screen image for Sanctum of Domination Source: Wowhead Loading screen image for Tazavesh Source: Wowhead The image for the seat of the Dungeon Master is particularly impressive, after all, Lore fans speculate that the eerie statue shows the original form of Zovaal (aka Dungeon Master). The villain is definitely getting a new model at the end of patch 9.1!

The Mega Dungeon Tazavesh

The new instance is one of the highlights of Patch 9.1, the first major update for WoW (buy now € 14,99 ): Shadowlands. The size of the new instance is comparable to Karazhan (Legion) or Mechagon (Battle for Azeroth), and the instance has several floors and levels that can later be divided into different dungeons. There isn't much information on the story of Tazavesh at this time. All we know so far is that Tazavesh is a trading city of middlemen. In the heart of the city, they keep not only their fancy collections, but also many other secrets, including some mysterious artifacts of the First Ones.

Raid Sanctum of Domination

At the very beginning, the monstrous guardian Tarragrue awaits us, which we know as the final end of a failed attempt from Torghast. Deeper inside the tower, many more villains await us, including the souls of the damned and their torturers. The first Lich King Ner'zhul and Garrosh Hellscream are the dungeon master's most prominent prisoners. But we will also meet lesser-known faces - such as the mysterious Fate Scribe Roh-Kalo, who rules over the lives and deaths of the living.

Meeting the Guardian of the First is sure to be interesting as well, as he may be able to tell us some of the Creators' secrets. Of course, the best comes at the end! The penultimate boss is none other than the devious Lich Kel'Thuzad. He blocks our path to the top of the tower, where the Banshee Queen Sylvanas awaits as the final boss of Sanctum of Domination. Whether we will put an end to the Dark Princess or she will be able to escape one more time remains to be seen.