WoW: Nerf for Mythical Halondrus in the middle of the World First Race


The World First Race for the world's first kill of the Dungeon Master in the Mausoleum of the Firsts on Mythic difficulty is in full swing. However, the top guilds involved in the race, including Liquid and Echo, are currently running into a wall on the seventh raid boss, Halondrus. That's why the developers have decided to give the guardian a major nerf.

High health causes problems with DPS check.

Halondrus is actually a classic DPS check. This means that the guilds in the world-first race have to knock the boss down as quickly as possible while avoiding the ground effects. The problem so far seems to have been the high health points of the boss, which the developers had raised significantly after an initially too easy fight on the PTR.

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Now, however, the team is rowing back and lowering Halondrus' health in mythic mode by a whopping ten percent to 80 million health points. The developers also made the following two adjustments to the boss enemy's abilities:

  • Crushing Prism (deals cosmic damage and slows affected players) is now less likely to hit ranged players in the raid.
  • Planet Cracker Beam (deals high damage to players in the area of effect) no longer appears in a random location.
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The developers informed the guilds participating in the World First Race about the changes via Discord - and they apparently had an immediate effect. Both Echo and Liquid were able to beat Halondrus down to almost a third of his health. So defeating the seventh boss is slowly but surely coming within reach.

Source: Wowhead

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