WoW: Adjustments to the M+ rating on the PTR - players unhappy


The new Mythic Plus score that Blizzard is introducing to WoW with patch 9.1 has drawn mixed reactions. Some like it because it makes another addon obsolete and they value the player ratings based on completed dungeons. Others fear it will have a negative impact, as all players will now be exposed to this type of rating. The fact is, however, that the system will be coming to the live servers in a few weeks with patch 9.1.

After the first version of the new Mythic-Plus-Score was very rudimentary, the developers have now given it an update in the latest PTR build. The tooltips have been adjusted, so that it is now easier to see which score the respective player has overall, as well as for the respective dungeon.

In addition, the ratings have been given the Blizzard-typical color code, which allows you to see at first glance how high the value is to be estimated. However, the ratings that were used for the colors are still subject to change, of course.

  • Overall rating: 0 - 480 (Dungeon level 2-4)
  • Overall rating: 481 - 960 (Dungeon level 5-7)
  • Overall rating: 961 - 1600 (Dungeon level 8-10)
  • Overall rating: 1601 - 2400 (Dungeon level 11-14)
  • Overall rating: 2401+ (Dungeon level 15+)

The dungeon level is only a rough guide, as the time needed is also taken into account.

Source: wowhead Source: wowhead

In the tooltips, you can now see these values for all applicants of your own group, as well as for the group leader, if you apply to a group yourself. In addition to the overall score, you'll also see the score for each dungeon individually.

However, the system still has some significant flaws in the eyes of many players. For example, it doesn't show the main character's rating for twinks, which would be an important piece of information. And so far, the value of the previous season is not displayed. But that would be important especially at the beginning of a new season.

In addition, most players find the use of Epic and Legendary far too inflationary. Completing all dungeons at level eleven or twelve doesn't deserve to be called Epic any more than 15+ deserves to be called Legendary.

So the developers still have some work to do if they want to design the new Mythic Plus rating in such a way that players are satisfied with it - or at least those players who generally view such a system positively.