How Blizzard betrays itself and its fans


It's been rattling around in the Blizzard box for a while now. Especially the year between BlizzCon 2018 and BlizzCon 2019 was a year of bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps for the developers of World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, Overwatch and Co. Starting with the unveiling of Diablo Immortal to job cuts at the parent company Activision Blizzard (which also had an impact on Blizzard's staffing) to a very ill-timed record profit announcement to the Blitzchung -Eklat during an esports tournament. And if that wasn't enough, the much anticipated remake of Warcraft 3 was nowhere near as good as expected.

So it's no wonder that fans of the developer studio are starting to get the feeling that the rattling cardboard box is smoldering at every corner. Walulis' new article, which bears the very striking title "How Blizzard betrays itself and its fans", also falls into this category. In it, Philipp Walulis and his team focus on the self-imposed core values that the founders of Blizzard Entertainment have adorned themselves with for decades, and which, in the eyes of the critical observer in the form of Walulis, are gradually being diluted and falling apart. Check out the post below - we're eager to hear if you share a similar opinion or hold an entirely different one.

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If the name Philipp Walulis doesn't mean anything to you: Walulis is a radio, internet and television presenter who primarily draws attention to himself with satirical contributions (including Walulis sieht fern), and who has been responding to programmes on television, Youtuber and their programmes, as well as current topics on Youtube since 2016 as part of his programme and as a member of the funk network of ARD and ZDF.