Chris Metzen has a new job ... and now makes tabletop


Just on October 26, 2020, another familiar face, Dave Kosack, announced his Blizzard departure. But what about cult figure Chris Metzen? The Blizzard veteran already turned his back on the company four years ago to take some time off, but could never really let go of the company somehow. Many fans of the Irvine-based developer already suspected that Metzen would simply return to Blizzard Entertainment at some point when he recovered. When it was announced in September 2020 that ex-Blizzard CEO and co-founder Mike Morhaime had formed Dreamhaven studio with many former Blizzard people, it was certainly up for debate whether Chris Metzen would find a new job there. Let's face it, it wasn't unlikely.

However, that's not how it turned out now. Yes, Chris Metzen has been reassigned job-wise, but not to one of the game studios that former colleagues founded within the last few years. Instead, he's teamed up with former Blizzard Vice President of Quality Assurance, Mike Gilmartin, to turn his hobby into his profession. The club they both privately maintained, Warchief Gaming, leveled up into a tabletop development studio on October 23, 2020. Or no: The club itself remains, Metzen and Gilmartin have just given their newly founded company the same name. Check out the video of both of them.

The move from a private club for tabletop fans to his own development studio felt natural to Metzen, according to the official announcement. He realized, it says, that he had worlds in his head that he wanted to explore based on his own rules. His partnership with Mike Gilmartin would provide a solid foundation to create something new. As it seems to be the case now, former Blizzard people like to gather other former Blizzard people around them: Chris Metzen and Mike Gilmartin have hired former game designer Ryan Collins - a Hearthstone designer by trade - as Lead Product Developer.

Speaking of. A game round up of tabletop fans from Warchief Gaming has stood out lately, as Chris Metzen was caught in the middle. Check out the video starting at minute 02:13:00 to get the context as well.

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Metzen's move effectively unlocked the "I win" button. In addition to getting previously destroyed Imperium units back on the field, his Tech Priest gets to climb aboard a dramatically staged Titan. Metzen is audibly thrilled ^^ At this point, good luck to Metzen and Gilmartin for their new venture as well.

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