World of Warcraft Shadowlands: Blizzard Increases Drop Rate for Legendarys



From now on, you should see Legendarys in the dungeons of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands more often than before. Blizzard Entertainment has recently released a hotfix that should significantly increase the drop rate. You can find the patch notes in the message.

Even before the release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, it was clear that you would be able to obtain legendary items in the new MMO expansion a little easier than in the past. After all, it is now possible to create these items on your own - provided you have the necessary resources. However, this is exactly what many players failed to do until recently. The reason: The "legendary effects" - probably the most important resource for this purpose - were extremely rare to find as loot in dungeons. This is to change with immediate effect.

Blizzard Entertainment released a new hotfix for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands last night, which is supposed to increase the drop rate of "legendary effects" in dungeons. This is higher on the heroic level than on the normal level, and on the mythic level they should be found even a tad more often. However, the likelihood is highest in mythic dungeons where a keystone is used. The better the stone used, the higher the chance of finding a "legendary effect" as loot. Here's the full list of changes from the latest hotfix.


  • Demon Hunter
  • General
  • Demon Hunters can now dodge and parry while casting The Hunt (Night Fae Ability).
  • The animation and visual effects when Metamorphasis ends has returned.
  • Mage
  • General
  • Fixed an issue where enemies under the effects of Frost Nova with the Grisly Icicle (Legendary Effect) would not be broken out by other player attacks.
  • Monk
  • Brewmaster
  • Resolved an issue that prevented Blackout Combo (Talent) from empowering Celestial Brew.
  • Rogue
  • General
  • The use of a Stealth ability provided by Sepsis (Night Fae Ability) will no longer be consumed while under the effects of Stealth, Vanish, Subterfuge, Shadow Dance, and Shadowmeld.
  • Warlock
  • Demonology
  • Bilescourge summoned from Nether Portal (Talent) will no longer melee while casting Toxic Bile.
  • Creatures and NPCs

Valfir the Unrelenting has bolstered his defense, making oncoming attacks much less effective. Players that wish to take down the beast will first need to send anima to this location to unlock the key to Valfir's demise.
Valfir the Unrelenting will no longer wander quite so far from his spawn.
Dungeons and Raids

  • The Other Side
  • Mueh'zala
  • Resolved an issue that could allow Mueh'zala to be attacked prior to defeating the other bosses of De Other Side.
  • Halls of Atonement
  • The visual effects of Depraved Obliterator's Curse of Obliteration spell will now more closely match the range of the spell's impact, regardless of the player's race.
  • Necrotic Wake
  • Nalthor the Rimebinder
  • Summoned pets will now properly follow their master back to Nalthor the Rimebinder's platform after completing the Dark Exile gauntlet.
  • Sanguine Depths
  • Decanter of Anima-Charged Winds will now have a chance to drop for Survival Hunters.
  • General Kaal
  • Fixed an issue where General Kaal would not provide loot while also being declared defeated if players were being knocked off the platform as they finished the fight.
  • Items and Rewards

Increased the drop rate of Legendary Memories in dungeons.

  • The stats on Battle for Azeroth gems, Leviathan's Eye and Kraken's Eye, have been reduced.
  • The Unholy Aura buff from Runeblade of Baron Rivendare works for players level 50 and above once again.
  • Fixed an issue where players who deleted a Purian could not loot it again for collecting the Scroll of Aeons toy.
  • Fixed an issue where some warglaives were not sheathing properly.
  • Party members are now able to escape the slime summoned from the Phial of Ravenous Slime toy.
  • Player versus Player

Completing Battleground objectives will now provide credit for the weekly PvP quests, "Observing Battle" and "Observing War.
PvP World Quests will now count for the associated zone's defense Callings.

Increased the cost of the following reagents to 9 Gold:

  • Luminous Flux
  • Machinist's Oil
  • Malleable Wire
  • Sealing Wax
  • Distilled Death Extract
  • Curing Salt
  • Penumbra Thread
  • Immortal Shard

Increased the amount of vendor reagents required for crafting several Shadowlands armor and weapon recipes.
Crafted Shadowlands weapons and armor now yield less Soul Dust when disenchanted.
Reduced the number of vendor reagents required for Relic of the Past IV and Relic of the Past V for all professions and expansions.
Jewelcrafters will no longer lose the "Jewelcrafting: Gem Studded Bangle" World Quest recipe when they leave and return to the world quest location.