WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - better balancing thanks to patch 9.0.5?


The WoW Raid Castle Nathria has been open for weeks now and thousands of groups are fighting through the raid every day and knocking down the ten bosses. The class adjustments, new Legendarys, pacts and the elimination of old systems have stirred up the class balance quite neatly and led to a rather weak balancing. As a result, Blizzard has brought several hotfixes to the live servers and recently added a whole bunch of Patch 9.0.5 a whole bunch of further adjustments behind it. We therefore take another look at the DpS of the various classes and playstyles to see if the balancing has finally improved with the patch.

WoW: DpS in Castle Nathria - Starting point

To really find out what the classes are currently doing, we're limiting ourselves to the top ten percent of all heroic logs for each class. This way, we ensure that the numbers aren't skewed by weaker players or faulty logs (where the player was dead on the ground half the time, for example). However, since these numbers were usually achieved with very good gear and the right Legendarys and the best pacts, the pure stats are not very meaningful. That said, many high-level logs are only achieved through the concentrated use of support spells like Soul of Power on individual players. So if you can't get close to the numbers listed, don't worry. However, they are quite useful for the relationship between the classes.