WoW: Transmog fans take note! How Necrolords Get the Unity Set


Heroes who have joined the Necrolord Pact in WoW: Shadowlands have long been puzzled by a tricky puzzle. It's about the Unity Set of the Necrolords, of which every trace was missing in the game until now. No one knew exactly where to get all the pieces of the coveted Transmog Set, after all, the snazzy Unity regalia comes in a bit more colorful than the rest of the Necrolords' Transmog Sets. Here's what the fabric, leather, chain, and plate transmog set looks like:

Source: WowheadUnity set: leatherSource: WowheadUnity set: clothSource: Wowheadunity set: chainSource: Wowheadunity set: plate

Now there is good news regarding the Transmog Set! Some players have discovered the source of the Unity Set. For this you need the Monstrosity Mending. This is a type of crafting profession that only Necrolords are allowed to do. Not only do you need special reagents, but you also need a lot of Anima and some Redeemed Souls to build up the ranks of Monstrosity Mending. We'll tell you step by step what you need to do as a Necrolord to obtain the Unity Transmog Set:

  • Upgrade the Monstrosity Patching Shop to rank 5 for now.
  • When the Monstrosity Mending is at maximum level, you can create the Soulmelded Construct Unity soul fused construct.
  • You create the construct using the Quest Unity. In doing so, you must unite with Bindings of Wellbeing from its suffering (the task will cost you 1,750 anima, 30 Malleable Flesh and 5 High quality parts).
  • Once Unity is constructed and available to you, you can take the construct with you on your travels. Every time you complete world quests in Maldraxxus with Unity as your companion, there is a chance that you will receive a piece from the Unity armor set.

The whole thing requires a lot more time and patience than other transmog sets. Some Necrolords heroes have better luck collecting them, while others have to quest much longer to get the armor pieces, as the drop chance of the parts is not 100 percent.