WoW Shadowlands: Pre-Patch 9.0. is coming - these are the patch notes



Shortly before the release of the big pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Blizzard has published the detailed notes. They reveal which changes and innovations you can expect on October 13 and 14, 2020 in the online role-playing game. More details can be found in the message.

For some time it has been certain that the large pre-patch for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will be released on October 13 (North America) or 14 (Europe) 2020. But what exactly awaits you in this extensive update, which should prepare you for the imminent release of the MMO expansions? That's what you can read in the patch notes that Blizzard recently made available.

Among other things, you can look forward to a completely new area called "Isle of the Exiles". This is an alternate region for new characters starting from level 1. You'll play a small, self-contained scenario where you'll learn the basic mechanics and even complete a mini-dungeon and boss fight. The pre-patch also kicks off a limited-time event called "The Tide of Death," where you'll have to fend off an undead Scourge invasion. In addition, there are new options in the character editor, the long announced item and level squish (level 120 characters will be set to 50) as well as numerous adjustments to the individual classes.

WoW Patch 9.0 - Patch Notes for the Pre Patch
The Shadowlands pre-patch will be released on October 14 in World of Warcraft!
Sylvanas Windrunner, the fallen leader of the Horde, has pierced the veil between Azeroth and the Realm of the Dead. In doing so, a series of events has been set in motion that threaten to destroy the cosmic balance between life and death. Azeroth's heroes will take on the wonders and horrors of the afterlife as they deal with the consequences of Sylvanas' actions.

Shortly after the release of the Preparation Patch, the defenders of Azeroth must once again take up arms to repel an invasion of the undead Scourge sweeping across the land. Players can embark on a quest to establish a base in Icecrown, where the veil between Azeroth and the afterlife has been torn. There, they will need to prepare for their journey to the Shadowlands. This limited-time preparation event will only be available until the release of Shadowlands, so be sure to log in to experience this content and earn special rewards.

Level, Item, and Stats Adjustments
Levels, items, and stats have been adjusted to make reaching a new level feel more meaningful while allowing you to reach your maximum level faster than ever before. Characters at level 120 will be level 50 after the content update.

New Character Customizations
Character creation has been given a brand new interface, and you'll have plenty of new character customization options at your disposal. These new options include eye color selection, new skin tones, and new hairstyles and hair/fur colors.

All of these new options are available to all Azeroth barbers. You can even change gender and customize the appearance of animal forms as a druid. All customization is now available in-game at all times, which means character customization is no longer available in the shop.

The Isle of the Banished
The Isle of the Banished is a brand new starter experience that introduces you to the basics of World of Warcraft and the key mechanics of your class over the course of an expedition. If you're a first-time World of Warcraft player and have never created a character or leveled up, you'll begin your journey through Azeroth with the Starter Experience. If you are an experienced player or have already leveled up with a character, you can choose to skip the Starter Experience and begin at level 1 in your race's starting area.

Once they reach level 10, new players can continue their journey in Battle for Azeroth and eventually Shadowlands. [LEARN MORE]

Timewalk Campaigns
Players who have already experienced Battle for Azeroth and have reached level 50 with at least one character can now choose to level up through time-travel campaigns with additional characters in another expansion. With this new feature, the content of locations like Northrend or Pandaria will scale with character level, allowing you to level up from level 10 to 50 and experience the stories of those locations at the original intended pace. To select your preferred expansion for level advancement, you'll need to visit Chromie at the Stormwind Embassy or Orgrimmar. If at any point you wish to select a different expansion, you can simply speak to Chromie again.

Beginner Chat
After you create your character and begin your journey in World of Warcraft, you will join the newbie chat. There you will be able to interact with other newcomers and seek advice from experienced players of the same faction who will mentor you on your journey through the new starting area, the Isle of the Banished. New players and mentors can recognize each other in chat channels and by an icon above their heads that only they can see. Once they reach level 20, new players are ready to adventure on their own. From that point on, they will no longer be able to access the newbie chat.

If you are an experienced player and are interested in helping new players who are experiencing World of Warcraft for the first time, travel to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and speak with the Mentor Recruiter. To become a mentor, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must have an account with no complaints.
  • You must have reached level 50.
  • You must have completed 3,000 quests.
  • You must have earned at least two of the following achievements: "Great Trio," "Rival: Battle for Azeroth Season 4," "Keystone Conqueror of Battle for Azeroth: Season 4," "The Waking Dream," or "We Have the Technology.
  • If you no longer wish to be a mentor, you can simply speak with the mentor recruiter again.

Flying in Warlords of Draenor and Legion no longer requires the Scouts of Draenor and Scouts of the Devastated Isles, Part Two achievements.
Allied Races
Allied races no longer require you to reach the Honorable reputation level with the appropriate faction to unlock.
Auction House
Successful auctions will now display the name of the buyer or highest bidder in a tooltip.
When selling trade goods (stackable items), selected stacks now have priority over other stacks in inventory.
Custom auctions can now be sorted by time remaining.
The "Level Range" filter now filters battle pets by level.
Legendary armor pieces that can be crafted by professions have had the "Rune Carving" option added under each armor category. The required materials will not be available until Shadowlands is released.
Black Market Auction House
You must now be at max level to access the Black Market Auction House.
The Mighty Caravan Brutosaur will now no longer be offered by merchants and will occasionally be available in the Black Market Auction House.

Most abilities that do not deal regular damage or healing will deal 5% different amounts of damage and healing each time they are used. This change affects all classes.
Power Word: Soul Strength, Arcane Intelligence, and Battlecry now increase their respective values by 5% (previously 10%).
Targeted area-of-effect spells can now be triggered at the character's location using the self-spell shortcut.
Abilities such as Deadly Strike or Wound Poison that reduce the target's healing are now twice as effective against creatures. The stats of these abilities remain unchanged in PvP.
Warrior, Hunter, Monk: Trauma now reduces healing gained by 50% (25% against player characters).
Rogue: Wound Poison now reduces healing gained per stack by 8% (4% against player characters).
Warlock: Deadly Rift/Legion's Strike now reduces healing received by 20% (10% against player characters).
The damage and maximum number of targets affected of many area-of-effect spells has been adjusted. A detailed list of affected spells can be found in the class section.
Rune Strike is no longer a Blood Death Knight talent, but an ability that consumes runes and generates rune power. It is available to Death Knights early on. Runic Strike will be replaced by Fierce Strike, Heart Strike, or Howling Gust when a specialization is selected.
Switching between weapons now unbalances the Death Knight, preventing them from receiving bonuses from their Rune Enchantments for 30 sec.
All Death Knights can now use the following abilities:
'Death Cloak' - Unleashes unholy energies on the target, dealing shadow damage to an enemy or healing an undead ally.
'Death and Decay' - Corrupts the targeted ground, dealing Shadow damage to targets in that area over the course of 10 sec.
'Raise the Dead' - Raises a ghoul to fight by your side for 1 min. You can only summon one ghoul at a time.
Ice Chains - Encircles the target in ice chains, reducing their movement speed by 70% for 8 sec.
'Light Knight' - Uses unholy energy to be undead for 10 sec, increasing your life steal by 10% and making you immune to bewitch, fear, and sleep effects.
Antimagic Field - Creates an antimagic field for 10 sec that reduces spell damage taken by all party or raid members by 20%.
You can now use Runeforge to engrave five new runes on your weapon:
Rune of Sanguination - Your Deathblow ability deals increased damage depending on the target's lack of health. If your health falls below 35%, you will be healed by 50% of your maximum health over the course of 6 sec. Can only occur once every 5 mins.
Rune of Spell Protection - Repels 3% of all spell damage and has a chance to create a shield that absorbs magic damage equal to 10% of your maximum health. When an enemy deals damage to the shield, their spell speed is reduced by 10% for 6 sec.
Rune of Hysteria - Increases maximum rune power by 20 and your attacks have a chance to increase rune power generation by 20% for 8 sec.
'Rune of Eternal Thirst' - When you kill an enemy that grants experience or honor, you gain 5% speed and movement speed and are healed by 5% of your maximum health. Additionally increases your movement speed by 10% as a Spirit.
Rune of Apocalypse - Your ghoul's attacks have a chance to cause an additional effect:
'Famine': Reduces damage dealt to the Death Knight.
Death: Reduces the healing caused.
'Pestilence': Slows the target down and deals regular damage.
War: Increases the damage dealt by the Death Knight.
PvP Talent Changes:
'Lich Knight' has been removed.
Rune Transformation is no longer a talent and is learned by all Blood Death Knights at level 19. Additionally, Rune Transformation has two charges and is no longer subject to a global cooldown.
The following talents have been adjusted:
New Talent: Bloodlust - While Scarlet Scourge is active, Death and Decay will heal you on your next use per stack of Bone Shield and you will immediately gain 10 Runic Power.
New Talent: Death Pact - Make a Death Pact that heals you for 50% of your maximum health, but absorbs incoming healing equal to 30% of your maximum health for 15 sec.
Removed the Runic Power cost of Mark of Blood and increased the healing to 3% (previously 2%).
Rapid Decay now has an additional effect: your Blood Plague drains 50% more health.
Antimagic Barrier now reduces the cooldown of Antimagic Shell by 20 sec (previously 15 sec) and increases duration and absorption by 40% (previously 30%).
Greedy now grants you 15% life steal for 8 sec (previously 6 sec). Also, the spell now has an additional effect: Increases the healing of Deathblast by 20%.
Red Thirst now reduces the cooldown of Vampire Blood by 1.5 sec for every 10 Runic Power spent (previously 1 sec).
Consumption and Bone Storm now affect a maximum of 8 targets.
Ossuarium has been removed and will be learned by all Blood Death Knights in Shadowlands.
Changes to PvP talents:
New PvP Talent: Rot and Decay - Your Death and Decay will rot your enemies every time they take damage from the ability and absorb healing equal to 100% of the damage dealt.
Unholy Command has been removed.