Blizzard reveals what's coming up in November in WoW, Hearthstone and Co.


No one can match Sombra, the infamous hacker from Overwatch, when it comes to unearthing the well-kept secrets of others. She can bypass any firewall and crack any encryption, no matter how complex, with ease. So if you have something to hide, you can only hope Sombra isn't interested. Because there's only one way to beat the cyber warrior - and that's to get your secret information out before she does. So we'd better tell you right now what the gaming calendar has in store next.

Once again, the developers at Blizzard are letting you know what in-game events await you in WoW, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, and Diablo 3 over the next month on the official website.

World of Warcarft

Day of the Dead (November 01 to 03)

During the Day of the Dead, the people of Azeroth gather in the graveyards to solemnly commemorate the spirits of the deceased. The celebrations take place in the graveyards of all major cities and include festive food, dances, costumes, and more.

  • WoW: Day of the Dead on November 1-3


Early Access to the New Duel Mode

Just recently, we announced a brand new game mode for Hearthstone: duels. If you pre-purchase the game's next expansion, you can jump into Duel Mode right now. Start by choosing a Hero, Hero Skill, and Treasure, create your deck, and you're ready to duel!

  • Learn more about all the upcoming Hearthstone news here


Ending Soon: Halloween Horror (October 11 to November 3)

The spookiest time of the year is coming to an end. Before then, quickly unlock the new extras, secure the weekly rewards, and take on the all-new Junkenstein's Revenge challenges before the event is over!

  • Read more about this year's Halloween horror here

Heroes of the Storm

New Event: Craft Wars (now live)

Now we can finally answer the age-old question: Who would win a battle between your favorite Warcraft and StarCraft heroes? And it's up to you to decide! So get ready - the Craft Wars event is in full swing, bringing with it the ultimate clash of StarCraft and Warcraft!

  • Be prepared, the Craft Wars patch is here!

Diablo 3

Season 21 (now live)

The testing period for Season 22 on the PTR will soon be over, so the new season is already in the wings. So it's best to take a look at Season 21 while it's still available.

  • Diablo 3: Season 21 and Season Journey - Guide with all info on the start!

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