BlizzConline in February free for all! All info from Fireside Chat 2020


A few hours ago, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack addressed the community in a video, looking back on 2020 and also saying a few words about BlizzConline in February 2021. You can find the full 2020 Fireside Chat below. Before that, here's a recap of what we learned:

  • Blizzard's 30th anniversary is coming up in February. BlizzConline on Feb. 19 and 20 is slated to be a big, virtual celebration and open to anyone interested for free.95 percent of Blizzard employees are working from home offices during the Corona Pandemic.Over 10 million visits to the Barber have been recorded by the developers since the launch of the pre-patch.Looking ahead to the release of Naxxramas in WoW Classic, 6.5 million Frost Resistance potions have already been brewed.Over 9 billion times players have ended up at the Spirit Healer in WoW Classic this year.Over 100 million characters have been created in WoW so far, celebrating over 1.5 billion level ups.Diablo Immortal recently underwent its largest round of internal testing to date.Some time ago, developers in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm introduced an AI system to help verify reports of a player's toxic behavior. Thanks to the system, developers are able to take the necessary actions and penalties much faster. This in turn is having an effect, with developers noticing a huge drop in toxic behavior. A few months ago, the system was also implemented in the public chats in WoW. There, too, the number of players who don't know how to behave has been reduced by half.

Are you looking forward to BlizzCon in February? And have you brewed Frost Resistance potions and secured a regular spot at the Barber's? Let us know in the comments!

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