World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - Players to Vote on New Mount



Blizzard Entertainment is letting World of Warcraft players decide which new mount will make its debut soon. To that end, a vote will be held until September 18, 2020, with a total of five suggestions to choose from. The winner is expected to make its way into the game in the first quarter of 2021.

While developer studio Blizzard Entertainment is working on the final touches of the MMO expansion World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, plans are already moving beyond its October 27, 2020 release. The team plans to release a new mount that will be available to all players for free. The special feature: You can vote for which animal will actually make it into the online role-playing game.

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For this purpose, Blizzard Entertainment has given the starting signal for a vote, which takes place until September 18, 2020 on the official website. You can choose between five different concepts or suggestions for the mount. These range from a giant caterpillar to a sailing magic foil. The winner of this vote is expected to make its way into World of Warcraft in the first quarter of 2021. Here is an overview of the candidates and their descriptions:

Wandering Urtum - Not all Urtums are interested in war or lore, some just want to travel the world! The Wandering Urtum is a huge and leafy mount. If you climb onto its back and hold onto its branches, it will trudge off with you to explore.

Sailing Magic Foliant - This oversized tome was found fluttering wildly in the forgotten depths of the Dalaran Library. Open this book imbued with arcane energy and sail with it on a magical adventure.

Nerubian Gusher - When the Helm of Domination was destroyed, the Nerubians under the control of the Lich King were unleashed upon the world. Some of them were captured by the Argent Crusade and turned over to his Black Blade allies in order to draw them to their side. Now they serve as mounts with their spidery claws, hunting the undead rampaging across the frozen tundra of Icecrown.

Curious Caterpillar - A curious caterpillar found its way into the Heartland one night in the Valley of the Four Winds and feasted on the oversized vegetables. When the Pandaren of Halfhill awoke the next morning, they found a massive slumbering caterpillar amidst their half-eaten crops. This friendly worm is too large to become a butterfly, but it is just the right size for a mount.

Gooey Slimebearer - Numerous flabby creatures emerged from the slime puddles of Plaguefall, including this gooey kitten. Dripping with slime, this slimy saber-toothed cat is best ridden with gloves on.