Unions announce Blizzard employee strike on patch day


A week ago, we received the shocking news: The responsible parties at Activision Blizzard want to close the Blizzard office in Versailles. However, those affected are obviously not taking this surprising measure lying down. The well-known WoW influencers Taliesin and Evitel shared a few hours ago the call of the French unions CGT, SPECIS-UNSA and CFE-CGC to all Blizzard employees to strike on the European launch day of the pre-patch of WoW: Shadowlands.

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The call states that over the past 15 years, many employees have left their homes to join the Paris office, where they devote a large part of their lives to Blizzard. 285 of the 400 or so employees at the Versailles office are now expected to lose their jobs. Some of those affected have been working for the company for nearly 30 years. Add to that the current situation surrounding the Corona pandemic, which won't make it any easier to find a new job. Furthermore, this move is being called absurd, as the video game industry in particular is coming through the covid crisis better than most other industries.

They are now asking Activision Blizzard to stop the planned closure and to initiate measures for the European offices to improve the situation on site (keyword: psycho-social risk). Taliesin and Evitel support the strike. They have cancelled the WoW stream planned for patch day. Meanwhile, the maintenance work is unimpressed by the hullabaloo. Actually, the maintenance should run until 15:00, but the WoW live servers are already back online!

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