30 years of Blizzard: Company celebrates with anniversary video and angers fans



In celebration of the company's now 30th anniversary, a video has been released on Blizzard Entertainment's YouTube channel that aims to celebrate the studio's milestones and bond with fans. Titled "Welcome Home," a home theme is created in the video to remind fans of the long time they have spent with Blizzard's products. Judging by the comments, however, that backfired pretty badly.

"Welcome Home" is the title of the video posted on YouTube by Blizzard Entertainment to celebrate the company's 30th anniversary. The company's PR department is using the occasion to remind players how much time they've spent in Blizzard's worlds over the past three decades. So much, in fact, that they should feel like a second home by now. To the voice over of speaker Laura Bailey, who can be heard in a number of Blizzard productions in various roles, we see images from World of Warcraft, Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm in the video.

However, this nostalgia trip doesn't go down well with all gamers. Although the Welcome Home video has an average positive ratio of likes to dislikes, the comments posted online largely signal disappointment, frustration, anger, ridicule, and disbelief - for a handful of reasons.

For example, some Blizzard fans are poking fun at the fact that the company's 30-year history was summed up with a one-and-a-half-minute clip that doesn't feature any footage from Starcraft or Diablo. Two franchises that were considered flagship titles during Blizzard's glory days. Instead, the focus has been on current titles Overwatch (buy now €49.45 ) and World of Warcraft. For many commentators, this is emblematic of the change in strategy that has been increasingly implemented at Blizzard under the leadership of Activision since 2008.

Other fans are still too angry about the "Affair Blitzchung" to be in a celebratory mood. The term refers to Blizzard's decision to ban a popular esports player for publicly expressing solidarity with Hong Kong in a stream. This moment was a low point for Blizzard and is still stuck in the minds of many e-sports and Hearthstone fans.

Other misdeeds of the company from the past few years are also pointed out under the retrospective. For example, comments often point out that the video's home theme is particularly ill-chosen in light of the fact that Blizzard closed studios in Versailles and The Hague just last year, putting quite a few employees out on the street.

So while Blizzard looks back on its triumphs with pride, the fans make sure that their defeats, above all, are not forgotten.