Car shows bring unique auto parts, cars, and stories to Twin Falls

TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) Idaho is a classic car loving community according to Idaho Chariots Founder, Steve Taylor.

“Absolutely this is a car state,” Taylor said. “The car community is very strong in Idaho.”

The Idaho Chariot’s Car Show and Rusty Nuts Part Swap was a good example of that on Saturday at the Twin Falls City Park.

At the event, you could find parts, hard to find elsewhere according to Gary Schwartzenberger who was selling a kit to Model A Ford.

“These are Model A Ford A parts,” Schwartzenberger said. “They were manufactured from 1928 to 1931.”

With unique parts, also came unique vehicles at the park on Saturday as well.

Jesse Johnson of L&L Classic Auto brought along a 1996 Chevrolet truck that was converted into what Jesse says is now called the “Ugly truckling.”

Johnson says the vehicle was built by the

“There’s been several car type shows come through and want to talk about old cars,” Johnson said. “Idaho Chariot’s put on this show, and there’s really some beautiful metal here today. This one here is just kind of a fluke, and because it’s unique and rare people that are really into cars have seen in on TV.”

From unique auto parts, to unique cars, also came one of kind stories.

Nastasha Yerion who is the 2019 Senior Miss representative, and will be heading to Chicago in August to represent the state was in attendance on Saturday with her father in a sport red convertible.

“What this really means to me is I get to spend the day out with my and just remembering what this car has done for me,” Yerion said.

Her father said they’ve used the car whenever Natasha needed a ride in pageants and there’s some history behind the car.

Behind the backdrop of stories like Natasha Yerion’s and Jesse Johnson, was the backdrop of the cause the Idaho Chariot’s put these shows on for Steve Taylor said.

“It’s to raise money for the veterans that’s all we do,” Taylor said. “Everything we make goes to the veterans. We offer free car shows. Free for spectators and cars, and everything we make goes to the veterans.”

Taylor went to say the Chariot’s put all the donations the receive back towards veterans in the gem-state, and they make their money mostly by donations and selling items are their shows. He say’s next weekend the Chariots will be at the city park in Wendell. He say’s all spectators are welcome to attend the event for free.